Street Artist Judith Supine Inspires High-End Fashion Collection

(Photo via Vandalog's Simjee Textor)

For some, it's not enough to love or own urban art: some are now even wearing it!

As mentioned here on Vandalog, Indian based designer Manish Arora featured superimposed images of Brooklyn artist Judith Supine's work on garments in his debut collection of ready to wear at the recent Paris Fashion Week.

With street art once upon a time being viewed as 'ugly' vandalism and certainly not embraced by the masses, it is very interesting to now see a street artist's work being printed on high-end garments and marketed to the Vogue fashionista demographic. It certainly demonstrates just how popular and appreciated street art has come in the past decade.

According to The Huffington Post:

For the fashion line, Supine, who regularly pours through magazines for his inspiration, tells us he didn't try to get too involved. He said he just liked the idea of the collaboration and allowed designer Arora to interpret his work in whatever way he liked. The official press release says that Agora (is) "very attracted to street art, it deserves a lot more attention than it gets." For Supine's part, he's pretty happy with the outcome too, and is looking forward to wearing one of the dresses.

We're absolutely loving the end result too. Now, how can we get our hands on one of the pieces?


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