Faile Chat About Their Epic New Installation in Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based Faile, aka street art duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, chat with Vice about their new tile installation which covers the entire building at 104 N. 7th Street in Brooklyn and is conveniently titled The 104 North 7th Project in New York.

The work, which is a collaboration with Vice and 42Below, consists of thousands of handmade tiles designed by the artists, each individually pressed and painted, and then fired in a wood-burning kiln and shipping to the installation site. See the interview below for more...



On The Streets 5.04.12

From Milan to East London, to the G40 Summit in Richmond, Virginia and Paris, we're bringing you the creme de la creme of new urban art on the streets.

Let's kick it off with David Shillinglaw brightly coloured and geometric mural in Paris, via



Phlegm above spotted in East London, via

French street artist JR and US collective Cyrcle collaborate in Paris, via


Elbow Toe , via

Aryz at the G40 Summit, via

Italian artist Pixel Pancho also at the G40 Summit

Anthony Lister in Milan, via

Swoon, via

Stickman, via

Nychos, via


And lastly... Jaz, also at the G40 Summit, via

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On The Streets 29-03-12

The sun is shining, it's t-shirt weather, and it's the perfect time to hit the streets in search of the freshest urban art. We, however, are busily working away, so instead we've found the best new street art from around the world online. Here's our hot favourites.

Zerser, Push and Esk, via



ROA in Miami

 Vhils in Shanghai



 ROA, again


Phlegm, via


Stikman, via


DCT Seth and Elliot Tubac, via

That's all folks! For last week's On The Streets, click here


There's Something A Little Fishy About This New Banksy Street Art


Photos of a new Banksy street piece detailing a paper crane holding a goldfish have surfaced, possibly taken in London but more details to follow shortly.

This is the first street art we've seen by the infamous artist since December's spate of street work around London.

Of course, we did also tell you about Banksy's controversial Christmas piece, which appeared in the Walker Gallery in Liverpool, as well as the rise in market value of his work

Check back with us soon for more details on this elusive new piece.


New Nick Walker Street Art In Chicago

Across the Atlantic, street artist Nick Walker has been busy on the streets of Chicago producing this mind-blowing new mural. You can check out more street art images here and more of Nick Walker's prints and originals here.


On The Streets 09-03-12

If you're after the freshest, boldest and best new work to hit the streets, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find our round-up of the best new urban art on the streets.

Ben Eine in Shoreditch, East London via Street Art News

Dface here, via

JR above, via Unurth


Know Hope, via Vandalog

Retna, via Brooklyn Street Art


 Vhils in Shanghai, via Unurth

Mark Jenkins above, via Arrested Motion

And lastly, Da Mental Varporz.

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Street Artist Judith Supine Inspires High-End Fashion Collection

(Photo via Vandalog's Simjee Textor)

For some, it's not enough to love or own urban art: some are now even wearing it!

As mentioned here on Vandalog, Indian based designer Manish Arora featured superimposed images of Brooklyn artist Judith Supine's work on garments in his debut collection of ready to wear at the recent Paris Fashion Week.

With street art once upon a time being viewed as 'ugly' vandalism and certainly not embraced by the masses, it is very interesting to now see a street artist's work being printed on high-end garments and marketed to the Vogue fashionista demographic. It certainly demonstrates just how popular and appreciated street art has come in the past decade.

According to The Huffington Post:

For the fashion line, Supine, who regularly pours through magazines for his inspiration, tells us he didn't try to get too involved. He said he just liked the idea of the collaboration and allowed designer Arora to interpret his work in whatever way he liked. The official press release says that Agora (is) "very attracted to street art, it deserves a lot more attention than it gets." For Supine's part, he's pretty happy with the outcome too, and is looking forward to wearing one of the dresses.

We're absolutely loving the end result too. Now, how can we get our hands on one of the pieces?


On The Streets 27-02-12

Here's this week's round-up of the best new art on the streets...

Nosbe via Juxtapoz

Os Gemeos, via Wooster Collective

How and Nosm, via Brooklyn Street Art


How and Nosm, again Brooklyn Street Art

Ufo, via Juxtapoz

Vhils, via Juxtapoz

JR, via Arrested Motion

Escif, via Juxtapoz

C215, via Juxtapoz

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On The Streets 16-02-12

Here's this week's round-up of the best new urban art on the streets...

Blek le rat above, taking over  the streets of west Hollywood via Brookyn Street Art

Zaki and Aroe by Voodoodi via Vandaog

From France, we've got Goddog above, via vandalog

Phlegm here, who actually also made it into last week's list, via Juxtapoz

Shok 1 above outside Pictures On Walls in East London, via Vandalog

Looks very much to me like a Sweet Toof here along the Canal in East London, this pic comes via hookedblog

Don't Fret, via Brooklyn Street Art

Sorn by Avk One, via Vandalog

Conor Harrington, via Hookedblog

That's it folks. You'll find last week's On The Streets here.


On The Streets 09-02-12

Irak of Earsnot, via Brooklyn Street Art

Our favourite Australian street artists Rekaone, Ghostpatrol and TwoOne team up for this wall, depicting 'idle hands' in their own unique styles via Booooooom!

How and Nosm...

Sand One and Shiro, via Brooklyn Street Art

Phlegm's staggering robot, via Arrested Motion

Kurt Perschke has taken this giant red ball across the globe as part of his The Red Ball Project. You can check out its adventures here

Polish artist Peter Fuss stating the obvious but also making us smile during this bitterly cold spell, via Arrested Motion

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