Shepard Fairey To Produce Film Adaption of 1984

Street artist Shepard Fairey apparently played a crucial role in securing the film rights to George Orwell's seminal novel 1984 for Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's production company Imagine Entertainment, and Fairey may even be a producer on the film.

This new adaption of 1984 is still in its early days, reportedly the group are looking for screenwriters before they approach a studio for funding, according to one news outlet.

For those who have followed the street artist's work, this may not come as a surprise. Four years ago Fairey re-designed the  cover for Orwell's dystopian classic for Penguin (pictured) and Fairey's signature 'Obey' is even a nod to the famous novel.

The novel tells of a country run by a totalitarian government system called English Socialism, which keeps control of people's minds and actions through a complex surveillance system.

Fairey is no stranger to the world of film and TV. He appeared in Banky's documentary Exit Through The Giftshop and also recently made a cameo on The Simpsons playing a policeman posing as a street artist.




New Nick Walker Street Art In Chicago

Across the Atlantic, street artist Nick Walker has been busy on the streets of Chicago producing this mind-blowing new mural. You can check out more street art images here and more of Nick Walker's prints and originals here.


JR vs Liu Bolin


On Monday we posted this pic of JR's wheatpaste (second from the top) in our On The Streets post, what we didn't tell you is that the actual photograph is of Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin. Well the second part of the two artists' collaboration involved Bolin actually physically painting the artist - his clothes, face, even his glasses! There's more info here, more info on JR's Inside Out project here, and available signed JR prints and originals here.


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