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5 Questions With | Rosie Emerson

21 May 2019

After taking time to experiment with new processes, award-winning artist, Rosie Emerson, is back with an exquisite body of work. We are delighted to present these new pieces whilst we catch-up with the artist and learn a bit more about how the new works came to be. Our 5 Questions with Rosie Emerson are here...

5 Questions with... Rosie Emerson

In this week's blog we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our fabulous artist, Rosie Emerson. Rosie has recently been exploring new processes and techniques which have lead to some exquisite new pieces, which we are happy to share with you all today. Read on below as we ask the artist 5 quick questions... A glimpse into Rosie Emerson's dreamy studio

HU: Let’s talk about your new works. Can you tell us a bit about them in regards to your inspiration.

RE: Recently I’ve been making small theatre sets and photographing them. My grandmother is a painter and always wanted to be a set designer so perhaps I am attempting to fulfil her ambition on some level. I have always sought inspiration from opulent interiors and architecture but there’s also quite a literal inspiration to the theatre sets. Shakespeare puts it more eloquently ‘All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts..’ Life is a visual medium we ‘peacock’ and present to each other through fashion and more than ever before it is played out before the camera, often in real time.

HU: Process and medium seem to be very significant to your practice. With this new body of work, you experimented with etching. How did this new medium affect the way you created and the final result?
RE: Yes, with photographic etching I can combine photography with painting directly onto the metal plate before it goes through the press, making each print unique. I love this hands-on method of printmaking. For me, it keeps the process fresh and adds an element of surprise each time a print is wheeled through the press. For ‘Glass Swans’ each print has been hand painted with muted shades of water colour echoing hand painted Victorian photographs. In my previous cyanotype work I can combine real objects with life size photographic negatives, I hope to be bringing this technique to my etchings in my next works.

Glass Swans by Rosie Emerson

HU: You almost exclusively explore and represent the female form in your work. Do you think that as a female artist, there is a significance behind this?
RE: Yes, I think ultimately being a woman I feel more qualified in depicting them than men. I am interested in the emphasis society places on the visual appearance of women and the pressure to conform to unachievable aesthetics. My solitary figures are either staged without context or background or enshrined in adornment. They are objectified yet I usually depict women as strong, ethereal and goddess like. They embrace the feminine, the romantic, the beautiful.
My figures are models or actors or sometimes friends they are photographed in my studio but often look more like characters from history rather than contemporary portraits.

Delilah, one of Rosie Emerson's new unique prints.

HU: With Summer just around the corner, do you have any special plans or projects coming up? We heard you may be heading to Hong-Kong...
RE: Yes, I love the summer. It’s usually I very productive making time for me, I have work currently over to Hong Kong and also New York. Here in London I’m also contributing to Choose Love exhibition at Somerset House supporting ‘Help Refugee’s’ organised by Print Club London and will be taking part in this summers Art Car boor Fair in Kings cross.
Behind the scenes as the artist creates 'Delilah'

HU: What has been your proudest moment as an artist?
RE: I’ve had a few ‘pinch myself’ moments, working with models like Daisy Lowe and Amber le Bon, seeing my work featured in Newspapers and Magazines. I’m most proud to have made my passion my career. This year I will celebrate 10 years of working with Hang-Up Gallery. My Solo exhibition ‘Sirens’ with you in 2014 had some seminal works including my round cyanotypes; the show was also a sell out so that was very validating.
If I had to pick one I’d say creating the worlds largest Cyanotype photograph, a Guinness world record, creating that nearly broke me, and I think because it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done, I’m most proud of that.

Rosie Emerson breaking the record for the World's Largest Cyanotype as part of Hackney WickED Arts Festival. It measured an impressive 46.81 square meters!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Rosie. It's been a pleasure.

To browse Rosie Emerson's beautiful new collection of works click here. As always don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions through info@hanguppictures.com. Till next time.

Hang-Up Team x

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