Banksy Returns with New Murals and New Protests in New York
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Banksy Returns with New Murals and New Protests in New York

Mar 16, 2018

Banksy has returned to New York with some new additions to the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The first to appear was an iconic Banksy rat, followed by a protest in support of a jailed Turkish artist just days after. Speculated piece 'The Whip' has just been confirmed as authentic. Is this the beginning of another residency?

The Protest

British Street Artist Banksy's latest protest is in support of Turkish artist Zehra Doğan, who was imprisoned for painting a watercolour of the town of Nasyabin, which was destroyed following an attack by the Turkish Government’s armed forces. After sharing her work on social media, the activist was arrested and sentenced to almost three years imprisonment.

The black and white mural depicts a series of tally marks which resemble jail bars and represent the time Doğan has spent in prison. The incarcerated artists face has been painted peering from behind one set of bars, the last bar being a pencil to represent her innocence.

Zehra Dogan, Turkish artist

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The recent mural, made in collaboration with graffiti artist Borf, stands 70ft long and was unveiled on Thursday. It marks the first year of Doğan's time spent in custody. The artwork is in support of the artist and a call for her release.

Banksy says to the NY Times. "I really feel for her. I've painted things much more worthy of a custodial sentence." There is always a reason behind Banksy's choice of location. He is the latest artist to take over the iconic Houston Bowery wall, made famous in the 1980’s by artist Keith Haring.

The Whip

The most recent stencil to grace the streets of NY has been entitled 'The Whip' and had eager viewers and followers speculating over its authenticity for hours before it was confirmed by Banksy himself just yesterday.

Coney Island Avenue

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Located on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, 'The Whip' portrays a businessman whipping a group of youngsters (or the next generation) with his stock market graph.

Banksy Trademark Rat

A few days earlier, one of the artist's trademark rats appeared slightly further uptown NY at 14th Street and 6th Avenue.

The smaller mural, painted on a former bank building, depicts a rat running inside a clock. The image is very similar to that of the clocks seen inside The Walled Off Hotel in Palestine.

It has been reported that locals are being urged to go and visit these new works before they are defaced. However, is this the beginning of many? Images have started cropping up online of the most recent stencil to appear in NY that has a striking resemblance to that of the illusive street artist:

Watch this space...

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