Christmas Gift Picks From Hang-Up Gallery

Christmas Gift Picks From Hang-Up Gallery

Dec 3, 2017

Top Gift Picks | Hang-Up Gallery

Tis' the season to be jolly and not stress out on last minute Christmas presents to buy your loved ones! We've got some great choices of art works all picked by the staff at Hang-Up Gallery. Here are some ideas for gifts under £500 - enjoy!

The Connor Brothers - Saints And Sinners


Mark Powell - Top Of The World


"Two great prints from two of my favourite artists .You’d be hard pushed not to get yourself firmly into the good books by giving someone either one of these this Christmas".

Gallery Director, Ben Cotton

David de la Mano - Border Events


DMC - My Adidas!


"As Christmas is a time for giving, Border Events that Hang-Up recently published with David de la Mano is the perfect gift. A beautiful print, hand finished by David that also gives to charity with every purchase! My Adidas! - another ultra cool limited edition published by Hang-Up. Slightly over the £500 budget but totally worth the stretch - each edition is hand finished with gold leaf and signed and tagged by the iconic legend Darryl DMC McDaniels himself. I’d be delighted with this one!'

Carla Nizzola, Gallery Manager

Bonnie and Clyde - Dream Come True


Joe Webb - The Big Splash


"Bonnie and Clyde's 'Dream Come True' - Because who doesn't like any light in their life? Joe Webb's 'The Big Splash' is a great print - dreamy and adventurous!"

Laura Rivas-Lopez, Business Development Manager

Mark Vessey - David Bowie


Magnus Gjoen - Ishtar


"Mark Vessey’s 'Bowie' - This brand new release immediately conjured up memories of Christmas parties and boogieing around the tree! Magnus Gjoen 'Ishtar' - Well, because we all need a little opulence at Christmas time…"

Charlotte Bain, Senior Gallery Registrar

Magda Archer - Sick Of This Shit


Johnathan Reiner - Eve (Charity Print)


"Magda Archer's 'Sick Of This Shit' print would make an excellent Christmas gift to make someone laugh! I've also chosen Johnathan Reiner's 'Eve' as she's so fierce and beautiful - a meaningful print worth a thousand words with all her tats! Plus all proceeds go to charity".

Alexia Commatas, Gallery Registrar

Joe Webb - Antares And Love XI


Oddly Head - ME 017


"I've chosen Joe Webb's 'Antares And Love XI' because it's sparkly, loving and magical - three things that Chrismas should be. Balancing out the holiday spirit with the right amount of self love with bright 'ME 017' by Oddly Head - because Christmas is all about YOU".

Fabiola Giaccherini, Gallery Assistant

Patrick Thomas - Heart Target 46


Magda Archer - Wake Me Up For Food


"I've chosen Patrick Thomas's 'Heart/Target 46' because red and the subject of love is perhaps very appropriate for Christmas! Magda Archer's 'Wake Me Up For Food' would be a great gift because its the perfect season for lots and lots of food".

Katie Bone, Gallery Intern

Last but not least - A brand new release by Lauren Baker 'The Moon Made Me Do It' available for £325. A magical print for Christmas!

Lauren Baker - The Moon Made Me Do It

£ 325

Joe Webb - Embrace Red


We hope you've enjoyed this weeks blog! Happy Christmas shopping! If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, please email or call the gallery on 020 3667 4550.

*Important Notice For Christmas Deliveries*

Deliveries: Order by 11th December (Unframed Pieces)

Framing: Please contact the gallery as soon as you can!

Best regards,

Hang-Up Team

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