Exclusive Hang-Up X Oddly Head ME 017 print available now!

Exclusive Hang-Up X Oddly Head ME 017 print available now!

Jul 31, 2017

Our screen printing master, Diego Mena, has been beavering away in the studio to create the Hang-Up X Oddly Head, ME 017 exclusive print. Let's take a peek into the creative world of precision and colour to reap the benefits of collaboration! Don't forget that 10% of any sales from the ME Editions will be donated to Medecins San Frontiers. The pre-sales catalogue is ready to view the whole collection from Repeat After Me.

Hang-Up - Can you tell us a little about the process on this print and how it differs from the last Hang-Up Exclusive; My Adidas?

Diego - This print is very different from ‘My Adidas’. It has big areas of colour, so colour matching has to be bang on! Also there is the pink fluorescent colour which needs some trickery to fulfil it's potential, and the trapping in the artwork has to be as small as possible so it doesn’t show. And then the varnish! Always needs a few coats to get that sexy gloss!

HU - ME editions are all about todays society being obsessed with ourselves. What is your current obsession?

D - You could say I’m obsessed with how obsessed everyone is with themselves. That and people that walk around looking at their mobile phones waiting to get run over...

HU - Are you familiar with the work of Oddly Head? What is your favourite piece?

D -It would have to be ‘Music’. It’s very subtle in its message and has a very eerie feeling to it.

HU - Following on from Oddly Head’s 99 Problem series - If you could be a flavour of Ice cream, what would you be and why?

D - I always choose chocolate and lemon. Makes for a nice combination of sweet/rich with sour/light so I’d be that.

HU - Oddly Head is a massive fan of music, which is a big influence when he works - What song/album gets you in the mood to create?

D - I’d love to just name my favourite artists but the truth is when working I prefer tunes that are long and don’t interfere with my brain activity so I often go for modern classical, jazz, krautrock and experimental. If it’s crunch time Hardcore-Punk all the way!

Thank you Diego! ME 017 is available to get your hands on at the pre-sales price of £250. This will increase after the private view to don't delay...

ME 017 | Screen print with gloss on paper | Special pre-release price of £250, valid until 4th Aug

There is still time to RSVP to Repeat After Me and the pre-sales catalogue. The private view is this Thursday 3rd Aug 6 - 9pm.

If you have any questions, get in touch on info@hanguppictures.com or please call the gallery on 02036674550.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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