Famous Space Invaders Stolen In Paris

Famous Space Invaders Stolen In Paris

Aug 13, 2017

Parisians witnessing the incident, took to their social media complaining to the city council and asking why they were removing the space invaders. The council realised instantly that the men disguised as council workers were frauds.

"Space Invaders represents to me a symbol of the beginning of the digital world in which we are living now." (Invader)

The French urban artist had said in a 2013 interview that his work was influenced by his childhood.

The artist commented on the removal of his works around Paris: "Given the type of tiles I use, to steal the work is impossible”.

A lot of the artist's mosaics around Paris can be seen chipped away...

Some, however, do still remain intact....

Invader has been busy since 1998 decorating the walls of the French capital with ceramic tile mosaics of Space Invaders, the iconic Japanese video arcade game from 1978.

Check out some of the many (legitimate) limited edition prints and kits we currently have by the artist:

New in this week and fairly apt:

Invasion Kit 10 (Invasion Paris)

Rubik Space (2005)

Invasion Kit 5 (Atari 2600)

Invasion Kit 14 (3D Vision)

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Many thanks to Hang-Up's Laura Rivas-Lopez for being our eyes on the ground in Paris last week and providing us with all the lovely images above!

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