Hang-Up Christmas 12 Best Buys - 10% Off!

Hang-Up Christmas 12 Best Buys - 10% Off!

Dec 11, 2016

We all know how difficult it is to think of a really great gift at Christmas, so we've got a few ideas for you! Below, we have picked out 12 of Hang-Up's favourite works; and until Wednesday, we're offering 10% off... So take a little look and get in touch if anything sparks your interest!

1. Anya (Audrey Hepburn) by Maria Rivans

£470 £423

Maria is a popular artist here at Hang-Up, and it's not a surprise why! Her beautiful collages are works of her very personal vision, commenting on this world of change, beauty, diversity and mystery.

2. William Shakespeare by Mark Vessey

£295 £265.50

Mark Vessey is an avid collector of everyday objects, unsatisfied until the collection is complete! The selected print of his for the Christmas wish list is William Shakespeare, a wonderfully dog-eared collection of Shakespeare classics.

3. Buck by Dan Hillier

£370 £333

These exquisite linear prints by Dan Hillier are collaged elements from 19th century sources, traditional pen and ink drawings and digital tablet. 4. If You've Got A Skeleton by The Connor Brothers

£1500 £1350

The Connor Brothers first entered the art scene as American twins brought up with an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family'. However, in October 2014, these characters were revealed as a myth, and art dealers Mike Snelle and James Golding exposed themselves as The Connor Brothers!

5. My Life is Crap by Magda Archer

£380 £342

The funny, sarcastic and joyful works of Magda Archer make everyone smile, which is why we've picked it for one of our top ten prints this Christmas! 6. Flesh is Added by Words by Mark Powell

£650 £585

Using reused old envelopes and the wonderful medium BicBiro, Mark Powell preserves the history and the tales behind the sender. 7. Dream Come True by Bonnie and Clyde

£300 £270

Dreaming of the beach this Christmas? Maybe settle for a wonderful Bonnie and Clyde print instead (or as well?)... 8. From the Cradle to the Grave I by Magnus Gjoen

£350 £315

Bringing a touch of punk sensibility to the art tradition, Magnus Gjoen creates new and modern takes on old masterpieces.

9. Cloud Eaters by Joe Webb

£345 £310.50

Closely affiliated artist, Joe Webb, uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera to form surreal and witty images. Cloud Eaters being one of our favourites. 10. Kate Multiple (Black on Pink) by Russell Marshall

£285 £256.50

Russell Marshall's work reflects 25 years of the tabloid industry, having been a newspaper designer and journalist. We've chosen the striking black on pink version of Russell Marshall's 'Kate Multiple' for the 2016 Christmas Wish List! 11. Goose Creek Symphony by Crail Moansburg

£695 £625.50

For our 11th selection, we bring you Crail Moansburg. For their fascinating story, check out their bio!

12. Float by Delphine Lebourgeois

£290 £261

Delphine Lebourgeois illustrates the struggle of working and surviving as an artist. She is our 12th and final Christmas selection for you!

Don't forget, all artworks listed above are discounted by 10% until Wednesday the 14th of December (that's this Wednesday!!). Your last date to order online in time for Christmas within the UK is Wednesday the 14th of December. For international orders, it's Monday the 11th of December. The gallery closes on the 23rd of December and reopens on the 3rd of January.

If we don't speak to you beforehand, all of us at Hang-Up wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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