Hang-Up Gallery | Top Ten Art & Music Collaborations

Hang-Up Gallery | Top Ten Art & Music Collaborations

May 7, 2017

1. Going straight to number one is Hang-Up's very own Joe Webb in collaboration with the awesome Dua Lipa. She has been described as the 'Anti-Pop Star' and it storming the music scene. Check out the gifs that Joe and Dua have released in conjunction with her debut album coming out on 2nd June!

Art and Music have of course proved the perfect blend for many years, so we've provided you with some more of our top legendary collaborations below:

2. Next in line is an all-time favourite of ours: Radiohead & Stanley Donwood. Since 2005, Donwood has been creating the album covers for Radiohead, after meeting, lead singer, Thom Yorke at University.

Album: Hail To The Thief (2003)

3. Takashi Murakami is prolific when it comes to collaborations. Stretching from Louis Vuitton fashion house to teaming up with other artists, such as KAWS, to raise aid funds. Music is a huge contributor when it comes to collaborations. Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z and Kanye West have all joined forces with Murakami for videos and album covers.

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4. British comic book artist, designer, and director Jamie Hewlett comes in at number 4 with his co-creation of the virtual band Gorillaz. Featuring some of the hottest names in art and music, this grammy award winning band is the perfect example of contemporary art and music at its best.

Above: Good friends and co-creators Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn

5. Andy Warhol teaming up with The Velvet Underground & Nico for their first album remains to be one of the most iconic collaborations to date. With the original album, fans were able to peel back the sticker of the banana to reveal the classic pop art take on life.

6. Jumping forward to the year 2013 saw ARTPOP- Lady Gaga's third studio album. The eye-catching cover was a colourful collaboration with visual artist and sculpture Jeff Koons. "One second I'm a Koons/then suddenly the Koons is me" was Gaga's cryptic message before revealing the cover to the world.

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7. A British classic and perhaps one of the most celebrated album covers to date: Godfathers of Pop Sir Peter Blake and Jann Haworth and rock legends The Beatles in their album cover 'Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band'. Released on in June 1967, the innovative album spent 27 weeks at the top of the albums chart in the United Kingdom and 15 weeks at number one in the United States.

The cover depicts the Beatles posing in front of a tableau of celebrities and historical figures and is still reconsinged as one of the most inflential albums to this day.

8. Jay Z and performance artist, Marina Abramovic caused quite the stir when they teamed up for his 'Picasso Baby' music video. A 6 hour performance was endured, with a live audience at New Yorks Pace Gallery.

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9. Carrying on the New York theme - 1981, Basquiat made a, brief, guest appearance in the Blondies video, Rapture.

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10. And lastly, Keith Haring and Grace Jones - arguably the most influential artists of the 80's and 90's. Collaborating on several projects over the years.

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We hope you enjoyed the delightful mix of music and art collaborations. There's much more to come from Joe Webb and Dua Lipa so watch this space!

Don't forget to view Joe Webb's online catalogue where you can browse his sought after original collages and limited edition prints.

For further information, or if you have any questions do get in touch with us.

See you next week with more Hang-Up news!

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