Hang-Up Highlights 2015

Hang-Up Highlights 2015

Dec 27, 2015

Mr Magnus Gjoen started us off on the exhibition cycle for 2015 with his show MONSTER.

Joe Webb followed with his Sweet Armageddon, which saw his iconic vintage collages on a larger scale.

Our most recent solo exhibition of the year was The Connor Brothers So It Goes... the opening had Nadya from Pussy Riot give a speech to our 300 plus guests.

Our group exhibition have also been huge highlights of the year with a selection of Hang-Up Collections as well as our summer Dog Days exhibition and our current winter show HIBERNATE, which will continue until the end of January. The exhibition saw the official opening of the brand new vaulted Banksy Bunker, a much more urban aura than it's beginnings at number 56....



Banksys Dismaland surprised us all when it was announced to the public just days before it opened. Hang-Up were lucky enough to head down to the opening and experience the surreal atmosphere of the bemusement park for ourselves. Definitely up there with the best highlights of 2015!

2015 also saw new artists join Hang-Up, Oddly Head (above) and Magda Archer (below) are two of these artists, currently exhibiting in the HIBERNATE exhibition and hopefully many more to come.

2015 has seen many great art filled year. Team Hang-Up wish you a very happy New Year and look forward to what 2016 has to offer!

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