Hang-Up takes a look at Brandalism #SubvertTheCity

Hang-Up takes a look at Brandalism #SubvertTheCity

Apr 9, 2017

We, who are you, have come to realise that

to dream is the beginning,

all that remains is action,

to reclaim the space to express.

Finishing off their potent declaration with the above, Brandalism is an international art collective that sees artists from around the world taking creative action against advertising and consumerism in public space.

David de la Mano

Every year starting on the same date, 22th of March, Brandalism launch their new project. This year saw Subvertisers International transform advertising spaces. Over 70 artworks cropped up in cities over the UK!

Why advertising? The collective believe advertising is an enabler in the distractive and destructive forces of consumerism. Set on fighting a culture of visual pollution and expressing creative resistance, the collective have broke more than once; hijacking billboards, bus stops and shop fronts.

Anthony Lister

Hang Up artists David de la Mano, Joe Webb and Kennardphilips have been involved in some of the projects Brandalism have carried out over the past few years.


‘our alternative society welcomes refugees as fellow citizens. They don’t see people as counters to be played with as politicians do now, trying to buy themselves votes. The wars, dictatorships, climate change and extreme poverty that create the situation where people have to flee their homes are caused by the countries that are refusing to protect them.’ – Kennardphillips.

In December 2015, the United Nations gathered for the 21st 'Conference of Parties' aimed at establishing a global agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. David de la Mano was one of 80 artists to install bus shelter posters aimed to expose the devastating links between advertising and climate change.

Joe Webb was also involved in the overtaking of Paris during the UN COP21 Climate Conference, creating a controversial collage of a woman sunbathing right next to another whose only water source is a stagnant pond with the somber fact that everyone 1 in 10 people in the world lack access to clean water.

Joe Webb

He also has been involved in the network Subvertisers International, a network of trans-national artists newly established by Brandalism said to use 'the twin strands of activisim DNA - creativity and civil disobedience'.

Joe Webb

These posters were installed just two days before the launch of the UN COP21 Climate Conference. Watch Brandalism install over 600 bus shelter posters:

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We're excited to see what bold statements the notorious art collective come up with next. You can stay informed with the latest Brandalism news and see how you can be involved by checking out their website here: http://brandalism.ch/

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