Hang-Up's Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Under £500
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Hang-Up's Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Under £500

27 Nov 2018

With Christmas fast approaching it's probably time to start the (sometimes dreadful) process of gift-hunting. But worry not! The Hang-Up crew is here to help you with some ideas that won't break the bank and are guaranteed to get you in everyone's good books.

To make the process of shopping for loved ones a bit easier this year and to help you find gifts guaranteed to be appreciated, we've got the Hang-Up team to give us two of their favourite picks for Christmas gifts below £500 for that holiday inspiration you need.

And if you're in London, why not come by the gallery to check out our 'Christmas Corner' full of prints and even framed works below the £500 mark, for more ideas and less hassle?

Under the tree you will find framed prints by Mark Powell, Patrick Thomas, Rusell Marshall and more for incredible prices.

Lets see everyone's picks...

Mark Powell - Top of the World - £245

The subject of this piece clearly has a lot of stories to tell. It's a powerful image and whilst it may not be Christmassy per se I think it will make a good gift to anyone with a love of adventure. We published the print back in 2016 and have only a handful of copies left now.

Oddly Head - Me 017 - £295

We all know someone who needs a ME in their life so what better than our exclusive 'ME' print from Oddly Head. The original of which was selected for and sold at the Royal Academy Summer Show 2018.

-Ben, Gallery Director

Nina Saunders - Hairdresser - £175

One of my favourite pieces to recently grace the gallery is our new artist Nina Saunders' ‘Hairdresser’ work. As the original taxidermy will blow the Christmas budget, I’d me more than happy with the small print of the sculpture that we officially released last month for only £175. Its an excellent kitchen or bathroom piece for a conversation starter.

You can also get the full set of three small prints for £475 if you can manage to stretch that little further…

Mark Vessey - Eighties - £550

Mark Vessey - New Musical Express - £425

Growing up surrounded by music, and being a bit of a record collector and eighties child, the two new print releases ‘Eighties’ and ’New Musical Express’ by Mark Vessey for Christmas would tick quite a few boxes and earn some serious brownie points. It’s choosing between the two that is difficult.

-Carla, Gallery Manager

Magda Archer - We’re in the Shit - £160

Because it applies to almost any current social and political situation going on around the world…and it makes me laugh!

Maria Rivans - Ava - £560

Portraiture is not usually my cup of tea, but I’d love one of Maria Rivans' surrealistic takes on Audrey Hepburn on my wall.

-Laura, Business Development Manger

Bonnie and Clyde - The Soundscape - £500
I love the Americana life that Bonnie and Clyde capture. Warm yet muted coloured patch collage paired with spots of internal ’scapes’ - take me far far away!

Joe Webb - Gone Fishing - £225

(There’s a theme in my selection… ) With all of Joe’s works, my favourites are the space vibes. I love the idea of looking down on the world - He creates scenario’s that make me wonder what is beyond...?
I also LOVE that you can get the one and only original where these limited editions stem from…

-Charlotte, Artist and Logistics Co-ordinator

Delphine Lebourgeois - Enfants Terrbiles - £490

This fun print would brighten up anyone’s room. It also reminds me of when as a kid, Christmas was that magical and exciting time when there was no pressure to buy anyone's present!

Rosie Emerson - Callisto - £250

My second pick is a work by another amazing Hang-Up's female artist. I love the dreamy and surreal quality of the image - It would simply make a lovely Christmas present!

-Fabiola, Gallery Assistant

Delphine Lebourgeois - Smoke IV (Sexy Botticelli) - £175

I love how Delphine Lebourgeois portrays her female characters, sweet and delicate yet not to be messed with. This one is special as it references Boticelli's iconic 'Birth of Venus', depicting Venus from a female perspective. Perfect for that art nerd in your life.

David de la Mano - Border Events - £250

My second pick has to be de la Mano's ' Border Events'. It's a beautiful, atmospheric and slightly eerie piece, hand-finished by the artist. Since with every sale 10% of proceeds are donated to Refugee Community Kitchen, its ideal for Christmas.

- Amalia, Gallery Assistant

For more affordable pieces and some gift inspiration make sure to come by Hang-Up in the next few weeks. We've got everything to get you in that jolly mood.

If you want to be sure that you will be able to pop any of your Hang-Up artworks under the tree this Christmas make sure to place your order before the 12th of December and get ahead of the Christmas rush! If you have any questions or require framing pop us an email.

Our Christmas Corner featuring hundreds of prints and framed pieces by artists such as Oddly Head, Delphine Lebourgeois, David de la Mano, Lauren Baker and Magnus Gjoen - all below £500. You can purchase them in the gallery, ready to be gifted!

Thanks for reading and a merry almost Christmas from the Hang-Up Team!

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