How to start an art collection in the eyes of Shepard Fairey

How to start an art collection in the eyes of Shepard Fairey

May 31, 2015

Make Art Not War - Screenprint - Edition of 300

Avoid thinking like a stockbroker - Fairey's first and foremost tip is to ensure that the work you collect is something you aesthetically appreciate rather than purely thinking of the profit you can make on it. This will lead to a natural desire and curiosity to watch the artist develop.

Always be happy with the amount of money you are parting with - When beginning a collection you don't want to excessively break your budget as 'The way the art world decides whether it's going to accrue value or whether the art consuming public decides whether it's going to accrue value is not an easy science.' Fairey advises starting your collection with the more affordable medium of prints rather than feeling you have to splash out on originals.

Andy Warhol - Screenprint - Edition of 300

Do your homework - Showing an interest in the development of an artist, from where they came from to their current status, will help you to establish sense for the value of the work from a sales standpoint.

Know what to avoid - Fairey's main advice is to be wary of artist's raising their prices very quickly, this can usually lead to a temporary hype.

Lesser Gods Eagle - Silkscreen on Wood - Edition of 2

Looking for lesser known artists - In exploring artists who are not necessarily stars of the scene, allows you to develop a relationship with them which can lead to loyalty and first chance opportunities when they begin to develop.

Check out the full interview here and hopefully Mr. Fairey's advice will make that first purchase of your collection less daunting.

Green Power - Screenprint - Edition of 450

These Sunsets Are To Die For - Screenprint - Edition of 350

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