Introducing HIBERNATE Artists: Banksy, Dave White, Magnus Gjoen, Ben Eine, Takashi Murakami, Lauren Baker and Russell Marshall
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Introducing HIBERNATE Artists: Banksy, Dave White, Magnus Gjoen, Ben Eine, Takashi Murakami, Lauren Baker and Russell Marshall

Nov 28, 2015


London born and bred, Eine has been a major figure in the urban art scene for 25 years. His characteristic typography has become an iconic feature of the East End as it started to become the creative hub of London. Go down to Middlesex Street near Brick Lane to check out some of his first iconic letters that are painted on many of the shop shutters.


The artist has been creating works since the 90's, starting with a more pop style he was deemed 'the new Andy Warhol.' His style has since developed seeing a range of subject matters, with his selection of animal depictions being extremely popular. His works have been exhibited worldwide including America, UK and Denmark.


Born in London to Norwegen parents, Magnus spent the first part of his career in fashion working as a demin designer for Vivienne Westwood. He took his acute eye for beautiful patterns and started to create artwork that aims to change peoples relationships and preconceived notion of objects. Juxtaposing amazing designs with destructive objects such as weapons, skulls and the human race itself, he demonstrates this misconception of beauty.


Japanese Murakami is one of the biggest names in the contemporary art scene, with his playful yet bizarre imagery of smiling flowers, technicolour mushrooms and bulging eyes. His works have been exhibited worldwide as well as being part of permanent collections including the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA.


Lauren was initially inspired by a trip to the Peruvian rainforest where she decided to quit her job and start her journey in becoming an artist. Since then she has worked with Tate Modern and Britain, V and A museum, Selfridges and many more, where she has exhibited her works as well as many large scale installations. Her latest project will see her create an outdoor install at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio.


As an award winning journalist and newspaper designer, Russell's work reflect his 25 years of experience in the industry. His use of colour, production techniques and choice of images stem from the golden days of the red top press when stars were really stars, when news was really news and when the best pictures and the best stories made the best front pages.


We all know a lot about Banksy without knowing anything at all! With his recent exhibition Dismaland that was only revealed two days before the opening, we will all eagerly await his next project.

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