John Henry Toney and Mark Powell: A Sneak preview...

John Henry Toney and Mark Powell: A Sneak preview...

Apr 28, 2016

Starting off, we would like to introduce John Henry Toney. His work is incredibly imaginative and free from conventional ideas of what or how art should be made. He was born in 1928 and lives in Seale, Alabama, at the edge of a swamp. This is the same town as another featured artist of Wondrous Obsessions; Butch Anthony. Toney and Butch are very good friends and have known each other for years.

Two Women

Toney's artistic journey was sparked when he was ploughing a field and turned up a turnip which looked as though it had a face on it! From that, you can see how Toney's drawing are unique representations of how he sees the worlds - To decode a drawing, keep in mind a humorous and direct interpretation of important and significant subjects. You will see strong bulls, men and women, aeroplanes even the smells they exude!

Bull Fight

Paper Plane

The imagination of John Henry Toney's drawings tell the story of his life and the two things he feels are most important. "Love and water are the two most powerful things on earth".

Rainbow Bull

We love that it is not uncommon for Toney to write his telephone number or the expiration date of his driver's license on his drawings. He declares his best work to be somewhere "between expert and genius".

Mrs Henry Toney

Original coloured pencil and felt tip drawings available for purchase between £450 - £550.

Mark Powell is back with brand new work after his sell out show at Hang Up last month. His Bic biro ink drawings remain to be beautiful and intricate, yet the subject matter is directed towards the ideas of the Art of Collecting.

As we know, Powell finds and collects all his material he draws on. His inclusion in this show is no different. As opposed to drawing from photographs, he has taken inspiration from the vanitas paintings, a collection of symbolic objects, synonymous with the inevitability of death, transience and earthy achievements. Mark has taken this and drawn from still life.

Inner Workings Of A Pocket Watch

Since his solo show at Hang-Up, Mark was invited to show at Subliminal Project in LA. This gallery was created by Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin in 1995. Out Of Line is a group show which is coming to an end next week.

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

Mark is an avid traveler and draws inspiration from the people and culture. This ties in with the nature of Wunderkabinetts - A collection of objects bought and found all over the world.

Read on to find one of many funny stories Mark recanted from his journeys...

Pre Touch-Up Of A Magazine Cover

"Another one is when I nearly walked to Finland, from Stockholm. I was in a club, and I spent every penny I had buying vodka red bulls for everyone. This was when I was a student. And my buddy had to pay for everything whilst I was there. And on the first night, we met some people, and I was dancing on the dance floor to Metallica, then realised everyone had left. So I decided to leave but went in the opposite direction for three hours - there was 9 ft of snow everywhere. And I was like - this isn’t the right way because its only a 2 minute walk back to where I’m staying. So I turned around and started to walk back. I kept looking for a doorway to sleep in and couldn’t find anywhere. I can remember seeing a Mosque in the distance, focused on that, and got back 6 hours later. I had icicles on my beard. It was about 9.30 in the morning by the time I had got back, and some Germans just gave me some beers. That was fun."

Various Stages Of Emotion Illustrated

With such an exciting collection of new works by affiliated artists and many that have been introduced to Hang-Up - we hope you will be able to attend Wondrous Obsessions: The Art Of Collecting - Curated By The Connor Brothers - Private View on Thurs 5th May - 6-9pm

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