JR in Rio De Janeiro

JR in Rio De Janeiro

Aug 14, 2016

Earlier this year we saw the Louve museum disappear, returning the facade of Museum's Palace back to it's original state, pre 1989 when the pyramid was built.

Rio De Janeiro is the latest city to house three new large scale installations.

Scaling the top of an abandoned apartment building, Ali Mohd Younes Idriss, a Sudanese high jumper who missed his chance at this years Olympics due to injury, has become larger than life and part of the cityscape.

The French Triathlete, Leonie Periault, has been situated in the banks of Guanabara Bay. With a wing-span of 98 feet, she dominates the waterfront.

The final structure is a rear view of diver Cleuson Lima do Rosario. Located on the jetty in Barra da Tijuca, the mid-flight athlete is suspended in time.

JR is no stranger to this city - In 2008, Moro de Providence, an area which is symonymous with violence, was transformed by the international project called Women are Heroes. Highlighting the hardship and dire straights of life while underlining the dignity of the women who are often the targets of conflict.

"In Brazil, everything's possible -it's really hard, but it's possible." JR

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Winning the TED prize in 2011 for the Inside Out Project has opened for a larger audience. Over 260,000 people have participated in 129 countries. Check out JR's TED talk above.

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