Own Art | Our Hand-Picked Selection to Cheer You Up Or Brighten Your Space
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Own Art | Our Hand-Picked Selection to Cheer You Up Or Brighten Your Space

24 Mar 2020

Whether you’re looking for artwork to cheer you up and inspire you or you're thinking of adding some new touches to your home - we’ve got you covered. The HU team have made a selection of the artworks that are putting a smile on our face right now and helping us get through. The added bonus? They could all be keeping you company at home before you’ve even paid a penny. How? With Own Art, the scheme that allows you to purchase artwork and spread the cost with an interest-free loan over 10 months.

We are all spending a lot of time at home at the moment (at least we should be!) so we thought we would hand pick a selection of fantastic affordable works that will cheer you up and help brighten your space during these interesting times. Better still, everything we have selected can be purchased through Own Art which allows you to spread the cost over 10 months, interest free.

If you see anything you like be sure to click on the image to view further details and pricing.To apply for your Own Art loan just click on 'Buy with 0% finance' - the process won't take you more than a few minutes.

Works < £1000

Please Go Away 2 by Magda Archer, screen print with glitter on paper, 2018.

Heaven Not Earth by Magnus Gjoen, archival pigment inks on paper, 2020.

A Quiet Neighbourhood by Bonnie and Clyde, 2018, giclée, silkscreen and glazes on paper.

Baby Gorilla by Dave White, giclée print on paper, 2018.

Zero Fucks by Tim Fishlock, giclée print on paper, 2019.

On the Road by Joe Webb, silkscreen on paper with uv glazes and glitter varnish, 2020.

Together We Will Burn Brighter by Lauren Baker, screen print on paper, 2017.

Whatever by Delphine Lebourgeois, inkjet print with varnish overlay on paper, 2019.

Man's Best Friend by Mark Powell, screen print on paper, 2018.

Bird on Record Player by Nancy Fouts, giclée print on paper, 2012.

Funk and Soul by Mark Vessey, c-type print on paper, 2019.

Works > £1000

And if your budget allows you to go a little bit higher you can choose from the selection below again using Own Art to evenly spread the payment over 10 moths - interest free.

If It's Not Weird I'm Not Interested by The Connor Brothers, giclée print on paper, 2017.

Prismatic Labyrinth (299 U) by Marc Quinn, pigment print with screen-printed spot glaze on paper, 2018.

Kaikai Kiki News NO2 by Takashi Murakami, offset lithograph on paper, 2008.

I Love... by David Shrigley, screen print on paper, 2019.

As always thank you for reading this week's blog. Don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions at all. We hope you are all staying well and safe and hope to see you soon.

Till next time,

Hang-Up Team.

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