The Connor Brothers || Exclusive New Artworks and their New #Refuchic Campaign

The Connor Brothers || Exclusive New Artworks and their New #Refuchic Campaign

27 Jun 2017

The schedule has been back to back with The Connor Brothers all year and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Their controversial #Refuchic campaign is in full swing across the globe, landing recently in Australia after smashing it in London and Berlin a few weeks ago. With all this in mind, we are extremely excited to bring you the brand new works from The Connor Brothers, exclusive to Hang-Up Gallery for a limited time only! Please click here to check out the catalogue....

Above: 'Tremendous Energy' by The Connor Brothers

It all started with a short documentary film about a guerilla ad-removing campaign. The Connor Brothers placed their own fake Vogue/Condé Nast covers into original ad billboards and filmed the reactions of the public. Having these horrifying images of refugees merging into renowned fashion magazines and portraying them like models with the hashtag #refuchic made the public think how shocking the balance is, obsessing with what celebrities do instead of helping people in desperate need.

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Hang-Up Gallery has exclusive access to this short 5-minute film about the project which has generated a huge buzz by filmmaker, Darcy Thomas for Acme Films.

The 25th of May saw London duo The Connor Brothers opening their exclusive show of 'Labyrinth Of Lies' at Willner Brewery in Berlin. Check out what went down on the evening:

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Photo credit: Saskia Uppenkamp

Photo credit: Saskia Uppenkamp

Photo credit: Saskia Uppenkamp

"Our artworks are not really about giving an answer or asking a question, they're more about asking the people seeing the art to question themselves". Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers

The duo has created a politically motivating series of adapted glossy magazine covers. They recreated a cover of Conde Nast's Traveller magazine, depicting the Syrian refugee crisis accompanied with dark ominous texts. These were showcased in their 'Labyrinth Of Lies' exhibition.

In true Connor Brothers style, they have been working tirelessly on exciting new artworks, cultivating from their 'Labyrinth Of Lies' exhibition as well as their current third solo show in Sydney, Australia.

The London duo just opened their show in Sydney and for the past few months they've been raising awareness around the world with their latest refugee campaign, '#REFUCHIC'.

And Kim Kardashian has 100 million Instagram followers...

With the duo's third solo show in Sydney, the billboards are seen all around the city, ridiculing celebrity culture and lack of humanity.

The artists took to their Instagram:

#hello #sydney #refuchic

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Hang-Up Gallery has exclusivity for two weeks ONLY to all new artworks by The Connor Brothers. Click here to view the new catalogue!
Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you are interested in any works by The Connor Brothers. Here's a little sneak peak of some of the new work below:

Vice Versa | 2017

Tell me Beautiful Untrue things | 2017

Please contact the gallery on for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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