The Making Of A Harland Miller

The Making Of A Harland Miller

Jan 16, 2016

Printing Process

For Harland Miller the quality of the print comes from the building up of layers to achieve an image that reflects the original oil painting. He mixes each colour by hand to ensure the correct shade is used, this is then layered via individual printing. It can take 15,000 or more layers for a whole edition to be printed, indicating the laborious process and effort that goes into each piece.

Margin Notes

During the process Harland Miller is known to jot down notes in the space around the main image. These can include names, numbers, memos or in as in the image Death What's In It For Me he has written 'I'm Getting To…' These notes don't necessarily have an apparent meaning however show at that moment in time they relate to Miller's mid work thought process. He is also known to add drips and coffee mug stains to the prints which creates an aura of a work in progress.

Check out the making of 'The Me I Never Knew' in the video below...

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