Valentine's Special

Valentine's Special

Feb 12, 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue etc, etc. Whether you're celebrating Tuesday with a loved one, or avoiding it with all your might, have a scroll through our selection of heart-warming and comic takes on love...

Banksy - Love is in the Air Dave White's new release for Valentines - Love Birds (Available in standard and hand-finished large)

Or why not a love bird original drawn with biro from Mark Powell? Silhouettes Cast By Moonlight is sold framed and ready to collect from the gallery.

Mark Vessey's stack of 'LOVE' issues is the perfect gift if you're going for the more subtle gesture...

Lauren Baker has also released new works in time for Valentines! 'We Are One' and 'You Are Pure Magic'. The Connor Brother's brilliant True Love Stories series. The Connor Brothers - Brad's First Time Johnathan Reiner - Guardians of the Heart

Harland Miller - Five Ring Circus - a little more tongue and cheek.. Joe Webb - Antares and Love I Magda Archer - Text Me Yeah? Magda Archer - My Life Is Crap Tracey Emin - My Heart Is With You Always Tracey Emin - No Substitute For Your Love Dolk - Puppy Love Patrick Thomas - Love (Refraction) Patrick Thomas - Heart/Target Love Love Love Sir Peter Blake - I Love You The Connor Brothers - Every Love Story is a Ghost Story

Banksy - Love Rat

Hang-Up wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day/ Galentine's Day/ Day like any other day... Don't hesitate to get in touch if any of these prints take your fancy! Either contact me at or give the gallery a call on 020 3667 4550. Thanks!

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