Amalia Papaioannou

Amalia Papaioannou

Social Media Editor


1 Aug 2018

What do you do at Hang-Up?

I take care of our social media, write our blogs and assist with with website and day to day admin.

Favourite Artists?

Jean Michel Basquiat, David Shrigley, Keith Haring, Harland Miller, Delphine Lebourgeois, SWOON and Nancy Fouts are some of my favourites.

Favourite Exhibitions?

I've loved every Hang-Up exhibition but my top two have to be Tim Fishlock's 'INTROVERSION IMMERSION' and our Nancy Fouts retrospective 'Fags, Birds and a Couple of Guns.'

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

It's always busy and slightly hectic but the vibe is always relaxed and productive. It's a collaborative and fun environment to work in and the team is just the best. It also helps that our HQ is dreamyyy.

Best Hang-Up moment?

The after parties of all exhibitions have been sooo fun, especially the one post INTROVERSION IMMERSION. Our team night outs are also the best, it would be impossible to pick one.

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