Amalia Papaioannou

Amalia Papaioannou

Job Title

Gallery Assistant

Date Started

August 2018

Favourite Artists?

It's almost impossible to pick but if I had to I would say Oddly Head, The Connor Brothers, Delphine Lebourgeois, Jean Michel Basquiat, Tracey Emin, SWOON and Harland Miller are my most favourite. And that's just the Hang-Up ones...

Favourite Hang-Up Exhibition and Why?

This one is easy, 'Tea with Andy' is my favourite as it was my first official exhibition as a member of the team and my only one so far! It was such a fun evening with the bunker transformed into the London Ritz for the night, hung with only pink and red artworks and champagne served in teacups. It was perfect!

Best thing about working with Hang-Up?

I love that it's always busy and a little bit hectic but still relaxed and productive. The team is perfect and just creates collaborative and fun environment. I never feel like it's routine and there's always something new and exciting to work on!


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