Fabiola Giaccherini

Fabiola Giaccherini

Online Coordinator


1 Jun 2017

What do you do at Hang-Up?

I am mainly responsible for overseeing the content on the Hang-Up website and online platforms and making sure these are consistent and up to date. I am also involved in sales and in dealing with consignees and collectors.

Favourite Artists?

Nancy Fouts, Grayson Perry, David Shrigley. All artists that use humour in their work, and each of them in a very personal and clever way. I love art that makes you think while putting a smile on your face. Jean-Michel Basquiat also has to be on the list and that doesn’t need much explanation.

Favourite Exhibitions?

The Hang-Up Launch here at the new space in Hoxton; such a milestone for the gallery and all of us.
Also Nancy Fouts, Fags, Birds and a Couple of Guns, which marked not only the first retrospective of the artist after her passing, but also the first exhibition of 2020 in our new gallery space. Perhaps none of our previous show ever looked so impeccable and it was a privilege to present works of such a legendary artist and woman.

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

Being surrounded by a professional and friendly team and the feeling of learning something new everyday. Oh and the canal view!

Best Hang-Up moment?

The first celebratory drinks with the team at the new Hang-Up HQ in Hoxton after the big move had finally been accomplished. It was a great feeling to be all together by the canal, taking it all in and enjoy a much deserved drink.

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Marian Lee

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