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Gross Domestic Product™ appeared in the London town of Croydon in October 2019. This store served as a window-fronted showroom however, all the sales were purchased online only.
The GDP shop appeared as a result of legal action to prevent a greetings card company from seizing the name Banksy - they were advised to sell their own branded merchandise.

Accompanied by a Pest Control certificate of authenticity, Rat Clock is one of Banksy's latest releases.

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Rat Clock
Hand smudge screenprint on wall clock
Signed limited edition of 150 | 45cm Diameter
New York's Rat Race

Rats have been a long-standing motif for Banksy over the years. In 2018, a painting of a rat running in a 14th Street clock face is believed to be Banksy’s first work in New York since 2013.

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