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5 Artists To Watch in 2022

As January rolls around, we take a closer look at the artists breaking new grounds and due to make an impact in 2022 and beyond.


Flying Copper

The police force has been a recurring motif for Banksy since he started working as an artist, and Flying Copper is probably the most recognisable work of this series. Click through for more details.

Hang-Up's New Exhibit

The Perfect Winter Antidote

The gallery is back open with a fresh hang offering you a retreat during the cold winter months. Discover standout artworks by renowned names including JR, José Parlá, Tracey Emin and much more.

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Sell your Banksy

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Happy Birthday Basquiat
Meet The Artist

Happy Birthday Basquiat

22 Dec 2021

Everyone’s favourite downtown artist would be 61 today. To commemorate the occasion, we look back over the course of his short but highly influential career…


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