Five Reasons Why Galleries Are the Ideal Choice for Selling Art

We immerse ourselves in the intriguing realm of gallery sales versus traditional auctions and analyse why you should choose the former.


Art For The Seasons

Looking to buy artwork that reflects the seasons? Our team has carefully selected a range of works by talented artists that capture the essence of each changing season.

New work

New acquisistions by Wole Lagunju

Discover the incredible artworks of Lagunju, a contemporary Nigerian artist who skillfully incorporates intricate patterns and designs influenced by the rich Yoruba culture. Check out our collection now.

New work

The Empresses by Damien Hirst

A stunning series of five laminated giclée prints on aluminium composite, screen printed with glitter featuring red and black butterfly wings in a unique kaleidoscope-like pattern.

Sell your Banksy

We can sell Banksy works on your behalf with our straight forward 'Sell Art' consignment service. We can also offer to purchase works directly. Get in touch.

Patrick Hughes

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The Art of Nostalgia | A Dialogue with Mark Powell

The Art of Nostalgia | A Dialogue with Mark Powell

16 May 2023

We had the opportunity to chat with Mark Powell, a master at capturing realism and sentimentality using a simple Biro pen. In our conversation, we dive deeper into his artistic practice and discover what he has in store for 2023.

Art For The Seasons

Art For The Seasons

11 May 2023

Looking to buy artwork that reflects the seasons? We've curated a selection of works by artists that represent each of the changing seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Featuring artwork from Dave White, Mark Powell, Tim Fishlock, Jose Parla, Patrick Hughes, David Shrigley and others. Look no further than this editorial to get your seasonal art fix.

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