Love Is in the Air

Flowerthrower is among Banksy’s most iconic images. First seen near the Palestinian side of the West Bank wall, it underlines the artist’s pacifist sensibilities and is just one illustration of his activism in the area.

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Our Step-by-step Guide to Packing Art

From rolling a print in a tube or flat packing it to using the right materials and tools for the job, Hang-Up's expert logistics team is here to help you get it right and keep your artwork safe and secure.

Tracey Emin

Our top pics this week include two of Tracey Emin's recent editions; both an immediate sellout success and among her most poetic and emotionally resonant works.

Lauren Baker's Neon Magic

A long-established Hang-Up artist, Lauren Baker’s dazzling text-based neons burst with good energies and positive vibrations.

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How To | Pack Your Art
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How To | Pack Your Art

8 Aug 2022

Handling and packing artwork can be daunting especially if you don't have much experience. But fear not, Hang-Up's expert logistics team is here to help you get it right.

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