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Dave White
A Beautiful Day

Renowned British artist Dave White returns to the spotlight with a resounding bang following a four-month hiatus from social media. With great pride, we unveil his latest body of work, a truly awe-inspiring testament to his unrivalled artistic mastery.

Credit | David Chan

This remarkable collection represents a new chapter in the artist's journey, where he breaks away from his previous style to introduce vibrant, colourful backgrounds that infuse his already dynamic pieces with new life. Inspired by the captivating transformation of colours from dawn to dusk, each sparrow in the collection comes alive with a rich palette that explores the shifting light of day.

Through these intimate portraits, White pays tribute to the humble sparrow, celebrating their essence with exquisite detail. Departing from his larger depictions of the natural world, he invites us into a realm of intimacy, offering delicate glimpses into the lives of these unassuming creatures.

Credit | David Chan

As a subscriber and valued follower of Dave White, we extend to you an exclusive first-access invitation to experience the entire collection ahead of its official release.

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A Beautiful Day is a series of 20 oil paintings on canvas exclusively released by Hang-Up Gallery.


"The intent is to pause that moment of joy and peace that is timeless and to be grateful for the day that has passed."
Dave White
Credit | David Chan

If you have any questions regarding the new collection or Dave White, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I look forward to working with you.



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