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I am delighted to share with you details of three originals by Swoon, exclusively available to Hang-Up direct from the artist's studio in Brooklyn.

Edline, Amanda and Yaya are wonderful examples of Swoon's penchant for portraiture.

Often representing people she has met on trips abroad or of intimate friends, her work is a celebration of everyday people and a reflection on humanity.

Art and activism are inextricably linked in Swoon's practice and all her portraits emphasise the stories of the communities she encounters.

See the works in the viewing room below and learn more about the stories behind the faces.

Swoon’s work is appreciated both by street art followers and major institutions. In 2014, she became the first living street artist to show at the Brooklyn Museum with Submerged Motherlands, a colossal room-filling installation adorned with animations and sculpture. She continues to exhibit around the globe and her works can be seen in notable collections such as the MoMA, New York, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Tate Modern, London.

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In Conversation with Swoon
In Conversation with Swoon
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