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Marc Quinn has recently unveiled his first solo show in the UK since 2015, which is located in the beautiful setting of Kew Gardens in West London. The exhibition is both a retrospective and a collection of new works, featuring 17 sculptures, some of which are colossal, placed throughout the gardens and glasshouses. One of the most prominent new pieces is a giant, mirrored flower statue that makes viewers reflect on their role in the natural world. As you wander through the gardens, you can see yourself reflected and immersed in the greenery.

Burning Desire | Marc Quinn Studio

Quinn’s aim of the show is to explore the relationship between humans and nature and how much influence humans have on the environment. Another standout piece is a sculpture of a Phalaenopsis orchid, a motif that Quinn has returned to repeatedly over the years. Titled ‘Burning Desire’, the sculpture plays on the flower's resemblance to a plant's reproductive organs and - in keeping with his provocative YBA roots - links this suggestion to female genitalia.

“I think that nature is beautiful and disturbing. If you just let go of a city, it gets engulfed in plants and falls apart. Nature is a kind of relentless machine that consumes… there’s something kind of dangerous about nature as well as beautiful.”
Marc Quinn in The Standard

The exhibition is the result of year-long conversations and collaborations between the artist and Kew Gardens' scientists and horticulturists, resulting in new sculptures that explore the connections between people and plants through evocative installations. The new works will go on display for the first time at Kew Gardens, alongside Quinn's new and existing paintings, drawings, sculptures, and evocative frozen works in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery.

The show runs from Saturday 4 May to Sunday 29 September 2024, so you have plenty of time to plan your visit down to Kew.

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