Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242) ||
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Andy Warhol
Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242)
Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242)
Andy Warhol
Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242)
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I am happy to present you with a very rare Artist Proof of Andy Warhol's 'Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242)'. Only 36 of such Artist Proofs were made.

In 'Joseph Beuys (F. & S. II.242)', Andy Warhol presents a headshot of the German artist and theorist Joseph Beuys. Beuys is shown staring at the camera from beneath a brimmed hat. This signed screen print by Warhol is based on a Polaroid photograph he took in 1979. The portrait is repeated in a 2x2 grid. In this series, Warhol has limited his typical vibrant colour palette and reduced the contrast, depicting Beuys in black against a cyan background.

We are offering this piece to a limited selection of people before we present it to the wider public.

If you are interested or would like to know more about the piece, just reply to this email.

Best wishes,


Andy Warhol

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