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Mark Powell

It's been a minute since we last sat down with Mark Powell but today we will be discussing his latest projects in 2023, his ultimate artistic endeavours, and his biggest learning curve as an artist.

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Artist in his Studio in Brighton | 2023

Mark Powell is a renowned artist whose works have been exhibited around the world. He is known for his stunning drawings, often created using unconventional materials such as vintage envelopes, newspapers, and maps. His unique style and attention to detail have garnered him a large following, and his works have become highly sought after by collectors.


Sit back, relax, and join us as we delve into the world of Mark Powell, one of the most exciting artists working today.

Hang-Up Gallery: Can you tell us what the biggest learning curve you have dealt with in your career as an artist is?

Mark Powell: That would be learning to be patient with my work rather than anything external to being an artist. And the curve never stops becoming more of a curve.


HU: How do you choose the subjects for your pieces, and what qualities are you looking for in a subject?

MP: I try and find my subjects from anywhere, found in old National Geographic Magazine etc and the quality I find most interesting, and hopefully trap on the paper, is one of a story that isn’t being told aloud.

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Close Up Magic Tricks

2023 | Original | 132 x 83cm | Sold framed


Ballpoint pen on drawing on an original antique 1915 New York medical notes and illustrations

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HU: Money and time are no object - What would be your ultimate project to work on?

MP: I have, for a while now, been wanting to do a 'people of' series. To travel to various cities and countries and meet people, have them write a story of their life they want to share and I would draw them on top of those handwritten notes. 'People of London', 'People of Reykjavik' etc. And I would love to meet small tribes and draw their entire population and record some of their histories too.

Available now
Head to the Coast

2023 | Original | 74 x 50cm | Sold framed


Ballpoint pen drawing on an original antique map of Ireland

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HU: What projects do you have for 2023?

MP: I’m having a couple more shows in Paris this year and preparing for a large solo one there next year too. I have a few other little London bits too. And I have a few big personal life things that will steal a little time though too!

'Head to the Coast' in the Artist studio

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When somebody gifted Powell an envelope sent during World War II, it ignited a passion for found objects. Struck by the idea that whoever sent the letter contained inside may never have come back from the Front, the artist decided to draw the sender as he might have looked when he got old.

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