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The Art of Nostalgia | A Dialogue with Mark Powell
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The Art of Nostalgia | A Dialogue with Mark Powell

16 May 2023 | 4 min read

"...what I hopefully trap on the paper, is one of a story that isn't being told aloud."

Mark Powell

We had the opportunity to chat with Mark Powell, a master at capturing realism and sentimentality using a simple Biro pen. In our conversation, we dive deeper into his artistic practice and discover what he has in store for 2023.

Hang-Up: Can you tell us what the biggest learning curve is that you have dealt with in your career as an artist?

Mark Powell: That would be learning to be patient with my work rather than anything external to being an artist. And the curve never stops becoming more of a curve.

HU: You have mentioned that you often start your drawings with a loose sketch and then refine the details over time - can you walk us through your process for refining and finalising a piece?

MP: I generally start with light pencil work and due to a lack of patience, I get going with the pen. I find it more fun for the detail to come from nowhere.

Mark Powell original works
Mark Powell original works

Mark Powell original works

HU: How do you choose the subjects for your pieces, and what qualities are you looking for in a subject?

MP: I try and find my subjects from anywhere, like in old National Geographic Magazine etc. The quality I find most interesting and, what I hopefully trap on the paper, is one of a story that isn't being told aloud.

HU: Who has been your favourite subject to date and why?

MP: Either Basquiat or James Baldwin. If I don't feel like drawing but need to in order to occupy empty silent time, I end up drawing those two.

Mark Powell in his studio drawing James Baldwin

Mark Powell in his studio drawing James Baldwin

Mark Powell

Head to the Coast

Mark Powell

Head to the Coast

  • 2023
  • Ballpoint pen drawing on an original antique map of Ireland
  • Original
  • Signed by the artist
  • 74cm x 50cm
  • Sold framed


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HU: How has your style and approach to your art evolved over the years?

MP: I always try and make each drawing better than the last and I have found myself going larger and using many more interesting ephemera. With commissions, it is fun to incorporate the subject directly with the 'canvas'.

HU: Money and time are no object - What would be your ultimate project to work on?

MP: For a while now, I have been wanting to do a 'people of' series. To travel to various cities and countries, meet people and have them write a story of their life. Whatever story they want to share and I would draw them on top of those handwritten notes. Like 'People of London', 'People of Reykjavik' etc. And I would love to meet small tribes and draw their entire population and record some of their histories too.

HU: What projects do you have for 2023?

MP: I’m having a couple more shows in Paris this year and preparing for a large solo one there next year too. I have a few other little bits in London. And I have a few big personal life things that will steal a little time though too!

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