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Dave White - Mice

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Dave White - Mice

Opens: 1 Dec 2022

Introducing the new collection by Dave White

Mice by Dave White

Mice by Dave White

The Mice collection stemmed from an intense period of worry and then euphoria.

My wife became suddenly seriously ill earlier in the year which turned my world upside down. It was 2 weeks on an emotional rollercoaster. Once she was out of the danger zone and back home starting her recovery, the pressure and panic left and I gained a new sense of being grateful for everything.

I live in Devon, in the countryside and regularly see wildlife that surrounds me. Although this has always fuelled my work, I began to see a newfound pattern in nature. Everything has a life, a story, facing the ups and downs of survival and the delight of being alive.

Reflecting the fragility of life, the Mice started to appear along with the messages upon my work. These last featured when I studied painting on my degree 30 years ago, so I have come full circle. This collection is the culmination of my work from the past 12 years which has focussed on life and the movement I see in the natural world.

Studio oil paints

Studio oil paints

Being small and fragile, the mice reflected the will to survive against all the odds. Their contentment is conveyed in their everyday lives, being grateful for the simplest of things that life itself offers. My aim is to celebrate this positivity, the joy of life, which we should all treasure.

Hang-Up Gallery Exclusive Limited Editions

In addition to this collection of originals, we have released three limited editions in collaboration with the artist, two hand-finished editions of 10 and a regular edition of 50.

Please note that shipping will begin mid-December.

Printing by Harwood King Printmakers

In conversation with: Dave White

Our artist liaison manager, Charlotte Bain, sits down with Dave White to talk in detail about the new collection and inspiration for his latest body of work.

Watch the full conversation below.

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