Patrick Hughes



Patrick Hughes


Despite being largely self-taught, Patrick Hughes devised a unique and intricate style of painting known as ‘reverspective’ which has been widely admired (and sometimes copied). Hughes’s signature 3D paintings of galleries, streets and landscapes are designed so that viewers can interact with them to create incredible optical illusions of movement. He made his first work in this way in 1964, but then abandoned the process until 1990, instead making art works including a famous series of rainbows, in which the bands of light hung from washing lines, seeped through prison-esque windows or sat on plates like slices of melon.

Did you know?

Subjects for Hughes’s reverspectives include giant, coffee-tables books, Banksy-adorned brick walls, and landscapes of Venetian palaces.

Country of Birth


Auction Record


Christie's, 'For the Venice Biennale', 2015

Notable Collections

The British Library, London, UK

Tate, London, UK

Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA

Würth Museum, Künzelsau, Germany

Notable Exhibitions

Solo Retrospective, Art Chicago, Chicago, USA, 2004

Reverspective, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scottland, 1998

Patrick Hughes: Moving Spaces, Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany, 2015

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