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Banksy Buyers Guide

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With in excess of 70 different limited edition Banksy prints now published this guide has been put together as a resource to help both the seasoned and aspiring Banksy collectors make the right choice in which print to buy and/or invest in. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is correct, very little data exists on some of the earlier prints so if you spot an inaccuracy, please contact us.

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Auction Records


'Love Is In the Bin',

Sotheby's London, October 2021


'Game Changer',

Christie's London, March 2021


'Devolved Parliament',

Sotheby's London, October 2019


'Show Me the Monet',

Sotheby's London, October 2020

Notable Comments

"Banksy is now among Britain’s best-known artists. His audacious shredding of the £1m print of Girl with Balloon (2006) by remote control at Sotheby’s in London last October has only added to his fame."

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, Feb 2019

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"Banksy Balloon Prints Sell Like Hotcakes in Ice-Cold Art Market"

Katya Kazakina, Bloomberg, Mar 2020

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"It’s a big moment for Banksy to be making the same as a Basquiat."

Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary art for Europe, Oct 2019

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"Banksy’s collector base has gone from people who grew up with skateboarding, graffiti and hip-hop to collectors of blue-chip contemporary art'"

Gareth Williams, the former head of Contemporary Art at Bonhams

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Banksy Editions

Editions Guide

The Banksy Editions Guide is aimed as a resource to document the details of all the original limited edition Banksy prints officially that have been published with details on the edition size, signature and numbering information as well as variants such as artists proofs, printers proofs or VIP prints.

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Edition Types

Banksy’s prints are sold either signed or unsigned. The total number in each edition varies, but is typically between 600-750. The signed prints are more collectable than unsigned prints and this is reflected in the market pricing. With each edition there are also Artists Proofs, and often Printers Proofs. These are in addition to the official edition and are normally a low number. As a result a premium tends to be attached as they are more covetable. There are also VIP prints, these are editions for which there has never been an official public release instead they are sold to a small group of 'Banksy VIP's. These are highly desirable for any and all Banksy collectors.

Hang-Up Ratings

We have been major dealers in Banksy's work for well over a decade and in that time we are privileged to have seen nearly all the prints. We devised the Hang-Up Rating as a straightforward classification system, between 1-6. The higher the number of stars the more desirable and sought after that limited edition Banksy print is. And as a general rule this is reflected in the market pricing with the most expensive prints having the highest rating.


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