Mark Powell

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Mark Powell


With the humble Bic Biro as his tool of choice, London-based Powell creates intricate portraits on antique documents. His favoured subjects are elderly, a natural fit for the paper he uses and his detailed style: post marks and typography merge with pen strokes to create a captivating whole. In contrast, Powell's paintings (on cardboard and other found materials) exhibit street art and advertising influences while maintaining extraordinary detail.



Did you know?

Powell inadvertently enrolled in art school when he wandered into Huddersfield University after getting fired from a job and sparked up a conversation with the head of the art department.

Country of Birth


Notable Exhibitions

HEY! Le Dessin, La Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, FR, 2022

Anthropology, Hang-Up Gallery, London, UK, 2016

Out of Line, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, US, 2016

Drawing on History, Hang-Up Gallery, London, UK, 2013

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