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Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction

Joe Webb

8 Jun 2013 – 21 Jul 2013

Hang-Up Gallery is pleased to introduce Pulp Friction, the inaugural solo exhibition from collage artist Joe Webb. Webb collects vintage magazines and printed ephemera from which he painstakingly creates beautiful dreamlike collages, by hand, with no computers. Heavily drawn to iconic and nostalgic images, the Pulp Friction exhibition nods to this 1950s romance era where the majority of his collage imagery has been sourced. Belgian artist Rene Magritte is undeniably a key influence in his work, evident in how Webb will remove parts of the original image leaving just the outline of the key characters.


Joe Webb

Joe Webb nearly broke the internet – or, at least, his work became a viral sensation, forwarded by hundreds of thousands of scrollers. Blame a relatable topicality rendered through hard-hitting, thought-provoking imagery: one collage features a family by a duck-filled pond with the kids glued to tablets. Webb originally began making his pieces as a reaction to his computer-focused graphic design job. Turning away from the screen, he revelled in the simplicity of using two or three print images to create totally new worlds.

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