Mark Vessey

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Mark Vessey


Obsessed with UK pop culture, Vessey creates photographic prints of lovingly curated records, magazines, books… and vodka bottles. Revelling in the used imperfection of his subject matter, he seeks out material in second-hand shops and auctions, finding comfort in collecting things and fitting them together to form one beautiful whole. Recent works include a collection of Vogue covers featuring Kate Moss, which raised money for the charities Stonewall and the Albert Kennedy Trust.



Did you know?

Vessey recently worked with DJ Norman Cook, turning his vinyl collection into a photograph to preserve it for posterity.

Country of Birth


Notable Exhibitions

Affordable Art Fair, Olivia Connelly Gallery, London, UK, 2018

A Tale of Two Cities, Liberty Gallery, London, UK, 2017

Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy, London, UK, 2006

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