Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell

Magnus Gjoen

Dec 19, 2012 – Feb 6, 2013

Magnus's work examines how to change both people's preconceived notions and relationships with objects. Something which is potentially extremely destructive can be made into beautiful yet fragile objects of art. Magnus Gjoen wants us to see this mistaken view of beauty in a different light, whether it involves weapons, animals or the human race, rhe being capable of creating both immense beauty whilst also beingcapable of destroying it all.

Magnus's art aims to rethink old concepts and re-interpret them. He wants to shed new light on past treasures, updating them and making something that is contemporary but still retains something from the past.

Taking inspiration from street and pop art and juxtaposing it with fine art, he creates new and modern takes on old masterpieces or manipulates something powerful and strong into something fragile but beautiful. He often questions the correlation between religion, war, beauty & destruction in his art.

Magnus Gjoen was born in London to Norwegian parents and studied design in London and Milan. He works as a designer/graphic designer for Vivienne Westwood.


Magnus Gjoen

Once a fashion designer for big-name labels including Vivienne Westwood, Gjoen has turned his attention to contemporary art with stunning effect. Using intricate florals and pattern honed during his study of design in London and Milan, he shows that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, including skulls, beetles and grenades. In other works, he adorns the kind of dusty classic portraits found in lesser-visited gallery rooms with witty scrawled faces, giving them a new lease of life.
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