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Helen Beard

Reimagining pleasure, lust, and sexuality, Beard uses swathes of bold colours to redefine the contemporary ‘nude’. Reducing the human figure to vibrant panes of colour, the act of intimacy portrayed comes into striking focus. Exhibited at the ‘21st Century Women’ exhibition held at UNIT, Beard’s work is held in many collections around the world and has been featured in publications internationally.

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Did you know?

Beard works in a range of mediums from painting, collage, sculpture and needlepoint.

Country of Birth


Auction Record


Sotheby's, New York, 'Wear Me', 2021

Notable Collections

Notable Exhibitions

Helen Beard: The Tulips Are Too Excitable, It Is Winter Here, Reflex, Amsterdam, NL, 2023

Lyrical Lines, Paul Stolper Gallery, London, UK, 2021

The Desire Path, Reflex, Amsterdam, NL, 2020

Helen Beard - It’s Her Factory, Unit Gallery, London, UK, 2019

True Colours, Newport Street Gallery, London, UK, 2017

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