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Banksy and Boyle | The Alternativity

Banksy and Boyle | The Alternativity

14 Dec 2017

Banksy & Danny Boyle

The announcement that, without even meeting, Banksy and Danny Boyle have created The Alternativity, last week and it aired on BBC2 on Sunday 17th at 9pm. You can watch the performance and the documentary now on BBC Iplayer.

Shot in a carpark behind the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, the BBC has produced a documentary surrounding the making of The Alternativity.

BBC 2 tweeted a video of Danny Boyle receiving and reading out a hand written letter from Banksy asking for help to "bring peace to the middle east"...

The Walled Off Hotel posted a video on their Facebook page of Christmas carols being sung and snow!

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From "the worst view in the world" to "the Least Christmassy place on earth" - Banksy will forever provoke and promote serious social and political situations around the world.

Banksy and Boyle made it snow in Bethlehem and had the children's innocents in their hearts and minds, meanwhile the tower's on West Bank are occupied by snippers. The Alternativity provided a relief and entertainment to the children and adults alike. Yet again, Banksy has brought our gaze back to highlight the stark contrast of peoples experiences and lives.

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Original storyboards from Bansky to Danny Boyle - Image taken from the BBC

Image from BBC of The Alternativiy Preformance

Banksy | Walled off Boxset | Sold framed with a chunk of concrete

This piece is availble from the the gift shop next to the Walled Off hotel.

Banksy Murals in Bethlehem

Two murals cropped up in Bethlehem earlier this month ahead of the Christmas extravaganza. Click read to read more...

Banksy threw a Tea Party

Attended by the "Queen" and revealed a plaqaurd for 'The Declaration' - Click here to read more

Peace and love to one and all!

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