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Alma Berrow


Alma Berrow is a London-based contemporary sculptor known for creating intricate still-life sculptures. Using ceramics, she often forms overflowing ashtrays or elaborate plates of food that elicit familiar moments felt in everyday life. Subverting the still-life genre with her playful talismans, Berrow has exhibited internationally; some notable mentions include Soho Revue, UNIT Gallery, and a solo show at Galería Hilario Galguera in Mexico.

Five Questions With | Alma Berrow

Five Questions With | Alma Berrow

4 Jan 2023

Introducing Hang-Up's newest addition, London-based ceramicist Alma Berrow. Berrow's playful ceramic sculptures have become wildly popular in recent times, with an impressive number of group and solo shows under her belt, we have a Q&A chat with the up-and-coming artist.


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