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Artists to Watch | 2019
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Artists to Watch | 2019

30 Dec 2018

As we enter 2019 with excitement and anticipation as to what this year may hold for art, let's have a quick look at some of the artists that should be on everyone's radar. Whether it's because they had a strong 2018, or of what lies in store for the year ahead, the artists on this list are definitely worth keeping an eye out for...

The Connor Brothers

You may want to keep your eyes on British artist duo The Connor Brothers. They've had a busy 2018, to say the least. After setting new auction records in the years gone by, enjoying numerous sell-out solo exhibitions as well as being invited to be the guest artists of London's Other Art Fair, it's clear the artists are here to stay. The pair also worked extensively with Mental Health charity CALM this year, raising funds and awareness for the organisation through their medium. Hang-Up had the pleasure of exclusively releasing two of their prints this year, both of which sold-out immediately. In the new year, the duo has upcoming solo shows in New York and LA. There is also talk of a book release...stay tuned.

Joe Webb

Collage artist, Joe Webb has also had a great year exhibiting with Ackerman Studios, The London Art Fair and Saatchi Gallery amongst others. 2018 also saw him design the cover art for 'Tears For Fears' new album - the original canvas of which Hang-Up had the pleasure of exhibiting, and which also sold immediately upon it's release. The artist has a lot in store for the New Year, and we're very excited to be displaying his new body of works which will see him working on a larger scale.

Oddly Head

Oddly Head is definitely one to keep an eye on, as his portfolio of characteristically colourful and punchy work continues to expand and develop. The artist produced an array of new and exciting works this year. With both his 'ME' originals and '99 Problems' sculptures now sold out, and his 'ATTN SPN' series following in their footsteps, there is no denying the Oddly Head appeal. The artist also had the honour of two of his works being selected (by Grayson Perry!) for the RA Summer Exhibition. In 2019 Hang-Up will be delighted to host another solo show with the artist, which will be showcasing a new body of work that includes a text-based lightbox installation. Watch this space...

Jose Parla

After viewing new originals by Jose Parla at Miami art week, the artist is no doubt one to watch for 2019. The abstract artist who beautifully merges elements of calligraphy and abstraction in his canvases portrayed an exciting new direction. The pieces combined some of the characteristics we have all come to love, such as the calligraphic lines and abstract marks along with more generous use of colour and complex layering of materials. We are certainly looking forward to seeing more from Parla.


The New-York based street artist has seen his star in both the art and the commercial world grow even more in the year gone by. KAWS had a highly successful solo exhibition 'GONE' in New York's Skarstedt Gallery, and the artist's work is becoming increasingly difficult to source. His print release at Art Basel Miami was so sought-after that Pace Prints had to conduct a lottery for the edition of 100. The year also saw KAWS break auction records with the piece Untitled (Fatal Group) - which went for £2,716,500 at Phillips auction. He also had a much-anticipated collaboration with Dior Menswear released. You will definitely be seeing more of KAWS at Hang-Up in 2019.

KAWS sought-after triptych at Art Basel Miami

Mark Vessey

Mark Vessey has had a strong 2018. The artist had an uber-successful collaboration with Fat Boy Slim released, the prints of which sold out on the opening night. His other editions are also selling out fast. This year keep your eyes peeled for his originals joining the Hang-Up catalogue...

Nina Saunders

After joining the Hang-Up family in 2018, the critically acclaimed Danish artist, Nina Saunders, released her first prints with Hang-Up. Nina has an exciting new print release coming up with us in 2019. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming Valentines Day release and installation piece with Hang-Up which you will not want to miss.

Nancy Fouts

The award-winning, multimedia artist's beautifully surreal and thought-provoking works will soon be available from Hang-Up exclusively. We're delighted to be the main UK gallery working with the artist in 2019, so watch this space for new prints and sculptural pieces by the extraordinary artist.

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami outdid himself in 2018, exhibiting in Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Paris, London, New York and Beverly Hills. The artist has built a huge audience for himself and in main collections worldwide. In 2018 he collaborated with one of the hottest names in fashion, Virgil Abloah, for three massive exhibitions as well as Uniqlo and other fashion brands. As Artsy Editors pointed out Murakami's "high-low, photo-ready aesthetic (which) he has been peddling for more than two decades has now meshed perfectly with our life-on-Instagram moment." Murakami's work is also multi-layered and often contains references which may not be obvious on the first viewing. We are excited to see what the artist and his studio have in store for 2019.


The elusive artist shows no signs of slowing down as 2018 saw him making appearances around the globe and giving the art world a run for its money. His stunt at Sotheby's Auction, where half of his 'Girl with Ballon' original canvas went through a hidden shredder, was amongst the biggest news stories of 2018. He also made an appearance at London's Travel Fair and continued to stay active on the streets with quite a few works popping up in various new locations. We are more than ready to see what he has in store for us in the New Year...

Thanks for reading the first blog from 2019 - and from all of us here at Hang-Up we wish you a very Happy New Year! We're sure it's going to be a great one.


The Hang-Up Team

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