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Art For The Seasons
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Art For The Seasons

11 May 2023 | 4 min read

Artists have long been drawn to the beauty of nature, finding inspiration in every aspect of life's pleasures, including the changing seasons. Here in the UK, we're blessed with the full spectrum of all four seasons (sometimes all in a single day)!

As the seasons shift and transform, so too do the works of the artists who capture their beauty. From the vibrant hues of spring to the muted tones of winter, these artists find inspiration in the ever-changing landscape of nature.


Patrick Hughes has been in pursuit of imagistic trickery since he was young. Hughes' work is a blend of illusionistic and paradoxical elements, with a touch of surrealism and fantasy. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp, and Rene Magritte. His visual work is complemented by his philosophical literature on wordplay, which strikes a balance between profound contemplation and wry humour. We think his artwork, Blooming, combines all these elements masterfully.

Another Hang-Up favourite, British artist David Shrigley is known for his irreverent and playful drawings, sculptures, and installations that often explore the humour and absurdity of life. This delightful print serves as an instructional of sorts...a reminder to us all to be kind to everyone and everything (and that includes ourselves)!


Who doesn’t love an ice cold soft serve in the dead heat of summer? We think this print from David Shrigley and permanently 'dropped' sculpture from Tim Fishlock perfectly befits a particularly wry and British sentiment towards the summer season.

Known for his characteristic paintings and prints, Dave White explores the fragility and spirit of life in the natural world around him. Having moved down to Devon, his nearly lifelong commitment to documenting animals has taken on greater significance since this change in environment. Typically only a summer visitor to the UK, we think the image of a glittering hummingbird (a symbol of joy, love, and beauty) also encompasses the summer spirit.


Soft browns, yellows, and greens transform the natural landscape during the later months. For autumn, we've selected a handful of pieces that represent the more muted tones seen during the season. Renowned 'photograffeur' JR uses his street photography to create captivating public installations that lend themselves to becoming successful limited print runs.

Mark Powell's signature medium of antique and vintage ephemera provides a uniquely textured feel to his artwork that suggests a layering of time and experiences, drawing parallels to the visible passage of time during the autumn season.


Finally: winter. For the season that symbolises reflection, rebirth, life and death we've selected some literal and more abstract translations of the wintertime. Dave White's Grizzly Bear is a nod towards the stillness experienced in the cold (but cozy) hibernal months of the year. From David Hockney we have an edition from his iPad Drawing Series. Followed by more abstract renditions of the winter season from Marc Quinn and José Parlá.

Parlá's expressive abstract work investigates themes of memory, alchemy, history and language. His work is characterised by its rich and deeply textured surfaces that are energised with powerful calligraphic writing. This gestural and often instinctive way of mark-making is a meditative process for Parlá that invites viewers to reflect on the layering of experiences and the beauty of impermanence. Hockney has always embraced new technology when it comes to art-making, an avenue that has proved a huge financial success for the art market veteran with iPad Drawing no. 778 grossing over £69,000 at auction in 2022.

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