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Get To Know: Delphine Lebourgeois
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Get To Know: Delphine Lebourgeois

12 Sep 2015

Smoke I - Limited Edition Print

We've loved having you as a Hang-Up artist for nearly 3 years now, what has been your favourite aspects of the gallery?

The irreverent energy and humour present in a lot of the works.

Your works often feature an army of female figures, where did the initial inspiration come from for this?

I guess it came from the hardship of working and surviving as an artist (amongst other things!) There might be some unconscious feminism underlying somewhere, but essentially my armies are self-portraits

The Shooter - Pen, Ink and Watercolour Pencils

What other key themes do you explore in your work?

In the series 'The Girl Has A Gun' I looked into the power of crowds, whether they are guarding and protective, or on the contrary, menacing and dangerous. I am fascinated by the way how large groups of people behave as an entity.

More recently I started the series 'Smoke' where each image portrays a single individual smoking alone. 'Smoking' is an interesting topic nowadays... in a society becoming more and more sanitised, we are not far from it turning into the next rebellious thing. For me, it belongs to youth and living the moment. And on pictures it's cool and sexy!!

Pen and ink are often your chosen medium, what effect do you think it brings to the work?

Intricac, transparency and details. My images are drawings rather than paintings.

Smoke I has been a real favourite of the show, will we be seeing any new pieces in the Smoke series soon?

Yes, a few more will be launched at the Other Art Fair next month.

Photo De Classe - Pen, Ink and Watercolour on Paper

What other projects can we look forward to seeing from you?

I have read quite a lot about Vikings recently and there is a possibility that a project could arise from this. Something quite different from my usual practice, but I can't say more at the moment... It will probably involve a collaboration too!!

What is your personal favourite in the Dog Days exhibition?

Oddly Head 'Licked'

The Inner Child - Giclee Print

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