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How long can I leave an artwork I have purchased at the gallery?

Any artwork/purchases that are to be collected from the gallery must done so within 14 days of the order being made. Storage limitations at the gallery space prevent us from keeping client’s work for any longer unless agreed prior. A storage charge will be applicable for works left at the gallery for over 14 days. Please refer to FAQ's for charges

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  • If the gallery have notified you to collect an artwork(s) please contact the gallery within 14 days to arrange a date to do so. Due to space limitations failure to do so will mean that the work(s) may be moved to an external storage facility.

    Any items moved to the facility will be subject to a £35+ VAT administration/processing charge and a further £27.50+ VAT weekly charge to cover insurance and storage. Payment must be made in full before artworks can be released.

    This includes consignment artworks that are no longer being sold through the gallery.

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