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    Rare Artist Proof Release by

    Joe Webb

    Talented collage artist Joe Webb will release an extremely rare series of 15 artist proofs entitled Small Steps

    This beautiful silkscreen will be available from Sat Aug 16 at Hang-Up Collections. Enquiries are coming in fast, if you're interested please get in touch. 

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    Hang-Up Collections

    Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce the launch of a new series of exhibitions entitled ‘Hang-Up Collections’. Expect to see key works from leading international urban and contemporary artists alongside super-fresh releases and exciting rare finds from the Hang-Up artist roster. Adopting a slightly unconventional approach to the traditional exhibition format, new work will be added and removed throughout the exhibition duration allowing it to evolve and change over the weeks.  Whether it’s straight from the artist’s studio, a unique and rare piece from Banksy or from the gallery’s own private collection, Hang-Up Collections will promise to bring you something new, different and exciting each time you visit.


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Stunning New Release by

Mark Powell

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Steven Robertson

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    The Faces On the City Walls with El Mac, Faith47, Swoon, Phlegm, Borondo, Fintan Magee


    After exploring the concrete jungle, (covered on our blog two weeks ago), we now take a closer look at faces, adorning the city walls around the world. Leading off this week is LA -based El Mac, whose new Toronto representational monochrome portrait strikes with its photorealistic features and careful perfectionist repeating contour lines. Other notable works come from Faith47 in Warwick, South Africa, Swoon and Phlegm in Djerba, Tunisia, Fikos Antonios in Ibiza, Spain, Borondo and Fintan Magee in Atlanta and Alexis Diaz- Tunisia.

  • Blog

    Hang-Up Collections Through the Eyes of A.CE London and Joe Webb


    It is nearly 'Hang-Up Collections-Volume 1' launch time, so instead of writing a long post on what the new show stands for, we have taken a rather different approach. We have let two of the participating artists - A.CE London and Joe Webb to have a say on how they find the concept of the exhibition and what the challenges are to be part of such a diverse collection.

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    Private Turkish Museum Hosts First Ever Show Dedicated To Graffiti with Works by Futura, Logan Hicks, Cope 2, Herakut, Tilt


    'Graffiti is more than painting gray walls. Your life might change if you pass in front of something painted on a wall'... This is how curator Roxane Ayral sees the rationale behind the first ever graffiti and street museum exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. Futura, Logan Hicks, Cope2, Herakut, Tilt, C215, Gaia, Evol, Martha Cooper are just a few of the prominent participants in the show, which opened yesterday and will be on view till the 5th October. We find it quite interesting, and at the same time really valuable,that a museum, with traditional permanent collections on Orientalist Paintings and Anatolian Weights and Measures, reaches beyond the traditionalism, recognises the importance and bridges the gap, bringing the contemporary fine aspect of the art practice.

  • Blog

    Rosie Emerson Sets a New World Record on Cyanotype Photography


    'Cyanotype’s have an element of magic about them, I look forward to sharing the ‘reveal’ with a live audience'. This is how Hackney Wick- based artist Rosie Emerson explains her keen interest in the 19th century printing technique cyanotype. It took 6 costume models, 46.81 square metre cyanotype, sun and Rosie's creative spin on the technique to break the previous world record, held by the French. The result - record-winning print measuring 6 x 9 metres in size! Rosie has kindly provided us with some exclusive shots of the print -producing, so take a closer look and enjoy!


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