• pick of the week

    David Scheinmann

    Nobody Knows I'm Elvis

    If you ever wondered what the famous rock star looked like as a child then look no further!

    David Scheinmann's quirky family portrait is a limited edition of only 50 at the exceptional price of £395. Available framed for an extra £90!

  • new release

    Lauren Baker's

    Lucid Visions

    Contemporary artist Lauren Baker has released a new print entitled Lucid Visions

    This stunning digital print is based on Baker's original embellished skull collaboration with Sequin - at only £150 for a limited run of 35 its not one to miss out on.

  • exhibition

    Don't miss our

    Xmas Exhibition

    If you're still looking for something special to buy for a loved one then don't forget to pop into the Gallery to see our Xmas Exhibition.

    All works are under £500 and we've got a fantastic selection to choose from.

    The gallery is open 12-6pm Tue - Sun | Click for Xmas Opening hrs

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Hang-Up! 


Say Merry Christmas with

Shepard Fairey

Dave White's


Joe Webb's print

Kissing Magritte

  • Blog

    Beauty Dissected- Johnathan Reiner


    When first introduced to Johnathan Reiner’s works, the words that come to mind are contradiction, juxtaposition and fascination. There is, however, nothing contradictory in the process of creating, says Reiner. There is a space there, where my mind just goes blank and I am focused on the process, I am on a wavelength which is clear of any intrusive thoughts, expectations, nagging emotions or any highs or lows. It’s not an introspective process because I am not absorbed in myself or withdrawn. It is an active process, which extends from me to the drawing board or the paper or the print-bed and is void of noise. I always feel charged after a few hours of creative work. Below is a short visual narrative and an overview of the feelings, emotions and creative flair that led Johnathan Reiner to the most extraordinary path- that of making artworks.

  • Blog

    Hang-Up Xmas Show- Embracing the Christmas Yule


    This Friday saw the launch of our highly anticipated Xmas Show, which featured a vast array of new releases, rare or unseen artworks from the Hang-Up artist roster. Shepard Fairey, Kate Gibb, David Scheinmann, Joe Webb, Mark Powell, Dave White, Pure Evil, Charming Baker, were some of the many that adorned our gallery walls, bringing festivity and cheer to all, just on time for Christmas. Below is a brief visual narrative of the night - thanks to all who braved the cold and came to share that moment with us!

  • Blog

    End of Volume I - Hang-Up Collections Wrapped Up in Pictures


    Today marks the end of Hang-Up Collections - Volume I. After 15 weeks of constant new art in and out, we can safely say that the rotating concept has had a profound effect on the physical gallery space. We did everything to not disappoint and deliver what we promised, providing fresh artworks from gallery artists and world known names on a weekly basis. And to quote Carla Nizzola (Hang-Up Gallery manager) 'that exhibit received an overwhelming response from visitors, artists and collectors'. Below is a brief visual retrospection of the show, featuring last's month window displays, curation in process shots and separate clusters of works on display throughout those weeks. Hang-Up Collections will continue to expand and develop into the New Year with a Volume II. We are very excited to show you what’s up our sleeve, so stay tuned! Leading image: Ben Eine, Exciting, 2013.

  • Blog

    The Project that Found a New Way to Share Same Urban Environment with Different Generations - Outings


    The modern cityscape is a visually cluttered space, full of government signage, billboards and sporadically public mural or unsolicited street art. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of art goes unnoticed or just categorised as 'urban noise' and not important by passersby. This is where The Outings Project comes to challenge all that. Set up as a 'global participatory' one, the project concentrates on the way different people respond to images, which are taken out of their normal logical white walls institutionalised context and pasted up in random public spaces.


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