• New Release

    Exclusive New Screenprints by

    Pure Evil

    Internationally acclaimed artist Pure Evil released two new screenprints entitled 'Chris Stein's Nightmare'. 

    The artist's homage to the band 'Blondie' is available in two colour ways, black and lilac. Each print is a limited edition of 100 which promised to sell out fast. Be sure to get yours before they're all gone!

  • Blog

    Tunisia gets big with

    Seth Globepainter, Liliwenn, C125 and Many More

    Good news for all the art lovers as the first open air museum opened in Djerba, Tunisia. 

    Many internationally renown street artists gave their contribution to the Djerbahood Project making the task initiated by French Galerie Itinerrance a reality. 
    Read more on this and other news in our blog!

  • Pick Of The Week

    Stunning Original Oil on Canvas by

    Mason Storm

    Talented artist Mason Storm amazed us once again with his latest painting entitled Breaking Bad Circa 900

    This beautiful work on canvas shows the marvellous painterly skills of the artist together with his fine sense of humour. 'Breaking Bad Circa 900' is currently on display at HUC, don't miss your chance to see it! 

  • Collections


    Hang-Up Collections

    Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce the launch of a new series of exhibitions entitled ‘Hang-Up Collections’. Expect to see key works from leading international urban and contemporary artists alongside super-fresh releases and exciting rare finds from the Hang-Up artist roster. Adopting a slightly unconventional approach to the traditional exhibition format, new work will be added and removed throughout the exhibition duration allowing it to evolve and change over the weeks.  Whether it’s straight from the artist’s studio, a unique and rare piece from Banksy or from the gallery’s own private collection, Hang-Up Collections will promise to bring you something new, different and exciting each time you visit.


Exclusive New Release by

Magnus Gjoen

Featured Category

Limited Edition Prints

Meet the Team

Bianca Beneduci

  • Blog

    Hang-Up Collections Through the Eyes of Dave White and Russell Marshall


    Two weeks after its launch, we are back on focus with 'Hang-Up Collections -Volume 1'. We stayed true to our initial idea of gradually revealing the different meanings and layers of the show, by giving the floor to the artists Dave White and Russell Marshall to further explore the concept and share their thoughts and views about it. We promise to continue unravelling and give you the insights of the works and the Collections, as seen in the eyes of the artists that created them.

  • Blog

    Tunisia's First and Very Own Open Air Museum with Liliwenn, Saner, Stinkfish, JAZ, Seth Globepainter, Herbert Baglione, C215


    Museums are usually associated with grand buildings and vast collections, but the one Djerba is rather different. Using the fabric of the city walls and domed architecture, the participants- more than 150 renowned artists from the around the world, turn the North African island into an open air museum. No interior walls, no hidden spaces and art critics - everything is out in the open for everyone to enjoy. We find the Djerbahood Project, initiated by the French Galerie Itinerrance, really valuable. Not only because it brings together a massive number of very talented people on one spot, but because it challenges the perceptions and notions of museums nowadays. All images are ©Aline Deschamps, unless stated otherwise.

  • Blog

    The Faces On the City Walls II with Tristan Eaton, Saner, Faith47, Ethos, Blu, Pixel Pancho


    This week's review of art on the streets is a natural continuation of the urban portraiture theme, we touched upon in previous posts. It takes a closer look at the carefully depicted images of humans and robots, now an integral part of the cityscape. Leading off is Tristan Eaton, with his Detroit piece 'Crime Fighter'. Based on his mother's portrait from the 60s, the work intertwines past and present in full colour and harmony. Other worthy walls come from Saner in Perth. Pixel Pancho in Halle, Germany, Claudio Ethos in Djerba, Tunisia, Faith47 in Portland, Blu in Sardinia, Ernest Zacharevic in Atlanta and Edoardo Tresoldi in Sapri.

  • Blog

    Reaching high- 10 000 Followers. Thank You!


    Today is not so ordinary Friday - we just reached 10 000 followers! Thank you all for your continual support, interest and comments, you guide us and are constant motivation to continue unraveling creativity in all its various shapes and forms. It has been an eventful and exciting journey for us so far. We have been through trials and errors, always moving forward with a fantastic team that work hard and always aim to be ahead of the game. We will continue to strive to share the freshest and most creative eyes and soul- feeding art from around the world as we did when we only had a few followers and look forward to what the future holds!


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