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    Get to know the artists: Dave White, Mark Powell, Joe Webb, Delphine Lebourgeois, Oddly Head and Lauren Baker


    We are extremely excited for our forthcoming Summer exhibition Dog Days, which will see brand new works from some of our favourite Hang-Up artists. With a multi layered original collage from Oddly Head, the amazing new print release from David De La Mano and Murakami's Homage To Mono Pink, which for me epitomises the summer vibes flying around at the moment, these works are just some of what we have in store for you. In anticipation of the show we thought we'd give you the chance to get to know some of the artists a little better and have a sneak peak at what they have been working on...

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    Street Art, Book Art - Interview with writer Ingrid Beazley


    This Friday we popped down to HENI publishers to check out the launch of Street Art, Book Art by renowned curator Ingrid Beazley. Ingrid started the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery along with street artist Stik, which saw a selection of street artists draw inspiration from the Baroque masters to create wall murals around the area. The book celebrates the work of 15 of these artists, including two of our awesome affiliates RUN and Dscreet. All the artists were given five blank covers of the book to put their mark on, with the results being exhibited at HENI in Soho. In anticipation of the launch we managed to chat to Ingrid to discuss how the project began and the goals it has achieved so far.

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    David De La Mano London Stopover


    Street artist David De La Mano took a little pit stop in London this week whilst he's been travelling around Europe spreading his silhouetted shapes on many a wall. Not only did David create another fantastical mural during his trip, brightening up Loughborough street down in Brixton, but he also embarked on a brand new collaboration with the talented Johnathan from Hardground Printmakers. With out giving too much away before the official release of the print on the 16th July, we thought we'd give you a little taster of what's been going on and what other great things are to come...

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    Introducing Oddly Head


    Our yearning for the glamorous allure of the vintage hollywood era has definitely grown since seeing the incredible collages by artist Oddly Head. His recent work is made up of multi layers of vintage imagery to create the effect of a three dimensional ball of nostalgic envy. We are really happy to begin working with him and thought we should properly introduce him to you all by getting him to open up about his fantastic collages...


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