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    Mark Powell new release

    The Lonely King

    Stunning new limited edition screen print release by Mark Powell entitled The Lonely King

    This two colour screen print is a limited edition of only 40, exclusive to Hang-Up Gallery for the artist's installation Junkyard Games at Moniker 2014. The print is available to purchase on a first come first served basis at £100. 

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    Telling a Different Story

    Mark Powell at Moniker Art Fair 2014

    We have been so excited to have the opportunity to show Mark Powell's new paintings at Moniker Art Fair 2014. The Junkyard Games installation has been a huge success with thousands of visitors  so far over the weekend. Check out the exclusive pics from the private view night on our blog.

    Our stand will be open from 11am on Sunday for the final day of the fair so come down and say hi!  Location details here. 

  • Pick of The Week

    Mark Powell's Original

    Sunburn On Wall Street

    The new original oil on wood entitled Sunburn On Wall Street by Mark Powell well deserved to be chosen as the pick of this week.

    It’s the final day of the fair tomorrow so come down and check out the work and installation before its too late! 

  • Collections

    Don't Miss

    Hang-Up Collections Volume I

    Following a successful launch in August 2014, the revolving exhibition 'Hang-Up Collections' has showcased artworks from leading international urban and contemporary artists alongside super-fresh releases and exciting rare finds from the Hang-Up artist roster. Adopting a slightly unconventional approach to the traditional exhibition format, new work is added and removed throughout the exhibition duration allowing it to evolve and change over the weeks. 

    The first edition Hang-Up Collections Volume I is currently on display at Hang-Up Gallery, and has seen the works of artists such as Banksy, Dolk, Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Futura, Mark Powell, Joe Webb, Pure Evil and Mason Storm hang on it's walls. 

    Hang-Up Collections Volume I will continue to impress with exclusive new works until 29 Nov 2014.


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The Great Indoors

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  • Blog

    Telling a Different Story - Mark Powell at Moniker Art Fair


    Alison Southward- 'Some amazing work Moniker Projects tonight - especially Hang Up Pictures!' Mark Powell's stand at Moniker is amongst the top 5 stands in Huffington Post selection... This is just a snippet from 'Junkyard Games' reception just after its launch. We have been so excited to have the opportunity to show Mark Powell's new and unique playful series at Moniker Art Fair 2014. 'Junkyard Games' is where talent plays, so come see it!

  • Blog

    The Connor Brothers Making Sense of the World


    Trying to make sense of the world is challenging for all of us. This is the core concept behind all the work of enigmatic duo, known as the Connor Brothers. They not only take this challenge on board but also continuously tackle it through their only logical way - making art together.

  • Blog

    The Art of Owning Art


    Art has always been a big part of our lives. Constantly looking for exciting works, we have developed a steady and healthy addiction to collecting art and developing a place where we can share our passion with others. ‘Hang-Up’ is a natural response to this passion and throughout the six years, we have developed a global network of private collectors, dealers, galleries, publishers, enabling us to source specific artwork requests promptly and efficiently and assist in buying private collections. Eight weeks after the launch of ‘Hang-Up Collections’ we take a closer look at the art of collecting. Based on a rather unconventional approach to the usual exhibition format, the show is an attempt to introduce young and keen collectors to fresh releases and rare finds.

  • Blog

    Censoring Banksy or the Story of a Mighty Art Buff


    English seaside towns Folkestone and Clacton-on-Sea both received an unexpected and, in the case of Clacton, questionable 'gifts' by Banksy this week. The appearance of unsolicited works in the public domain can hardly be acknowledged as groundbreaking or revolutionary nowadays. In fact, the painted cityscape has become accepted and tamed. So why these fresh Banksy stencils suddenly matter so much?


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