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    Art on the Radar

    Rosie Emerson

    Next weekend artist Rosie Emerson will attempt to break the world record for the largest cyanotype photograph, measuring 9 x 2 metres at HacknEY Wicked Festival.

    1 - 3 Aug 2014 | Don't miss it!


    Stunning New Release by

    Mark Powell

    Talented biro artist Mark Powell has released a stunning new work entitled Glass Hearts Display Silver Tongues, an original drawing on a 1876 vintage document.

    Mark has begun to experiment with coloured biro's and new canvases. Expect to see more of him soon!

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    Hang-Up Collections

    Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce the launch of a new series of exhibitions entitled ‘Hang-Up Collections’. Expect to see key works from leading international urban and contemporary artists alongside super-fresh releases and exciting rare finds from the Hang-Up artist roster. Adopting a slightly unconventional approach to the traditional exhibition format, new work will be added and removed throughout the exhibition duration allowing it to evolve and change over the weeks.  Whether it’s straight from the artist’s studio, a unique and rare piece from Banksy or from the gallery’s own private collection, Hang-Up Collections will promise to bring you something new, different and exciting each time you visit.

  • Exhibition

    Current Exhibition

    Dancer Master | An Exhibition by RUN

    21 June - 9 Aug | Private View Fri 20 June 2014

    Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce Dancer Master, the vibrant and energetic multi-media show by the talented RUN - artist, muralist and street artist. Dancer Master will celebrate painting, rhythm, body language and dynamism in a new body of work created exclusively for Hang-Up.


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    Gods and Humans On the Streets II with Faith47, Cyrcle, BEST EVER, JAZ, David de la Mano, Invader


    This week's roundup of notable walls reveals a balanced overview of visual representations of some divine and human aspects on a rather large scale. Leading off is artist Faith47, who in response to the invitation of the Dulwich Picture Gallery Project in London, painted her take on the old master Guido Reni's masterpiece 'Europa and the Bull'. Named 'Europa And The Winged Bird', the mural takes the mythical theme of Europe's abduction into a less aggressive, gentler direction, leaving space for new interpretation. Other works come from Cyrcle in Warsaw, PichiAvo in Werchter, Belgium, BEST EVER in Limerick, JAZ in Graz, David de la Mano in Villa Soriano, Uruguay, Space Invader in Paris and Icy & Sot in Chicago.

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    On the Art Radar - Rosie Emerson's Attempt to Break the World Record for the Largest Cyanotype Photograph at Hackney WickED


    Hackney-Wick based artist Rosie Emerson, whose work is a successful and quirky combination of print, photography, collage and film, invites people openly to take a look at her more mysterious, full of ethereal yet beautiful creatures world. Taking the opportunity that the annual art festival Hackney WickED provides to explore creativity at large, Rosie will be not only be opening her studio for visitors, but would also attempt to break the World Record for the largest Cyanotype Photograph. Below- Cosmos, Original Cyanotype on Paper, Rosie Emerson, 2014.

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    The People Shall Govern - Remembering Mandela


    'During the Apartheid times, non-white people were not allowed into galleries. And even today, it's still very elitist. The gallery culture is only for people that are really into art and its very, very niche,' says South-African artist Faith47 in an interview for Deutsche Welle. It seems that sometimes we forget how exceptionally lucky and happy we are to be free and enjoy the act of self- expression without any oppression. Freedom of speech and art is a fundamental human right and today, on late Nelson Mandela's birthday, we decide to look back and remember his heritage, passed for future generations through the works of art painted on the walls of post-apartheid, complex South Africa.

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    The Shangri-La Report 2014 with Stanley Donwood, Shepard Fairey, Mark Jenkins, Ron English, Steve Cutts and more


    There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with Glastonbury Festival and its platform for art- Shangri-La. Going for a decade now, the tradition to support and bring fresh contemporary art from established and emerging artists to the wider audience of festival goers has just been scaled up with the help of the Arts Council. This year not only Glastonbury hosted some of their 'usual suspects' artists - Mark Jenkins, Ludo, Hayden Kays, Steve Cutts, OBEY/Shepard Fairey, Dan Hillier, and many more, but also had renowned Stanley Donwood as a headline artist, choosing his work 'Nether' as a central image of festival 2014. Take a look below of the visual report from the scene. All images are via Shangri-La.


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