• New Work

    Proud to Present

    New Works from Space Invader

    New in this week is a fantastic selection of works from the notorious French street artist Invader.

    Invasion kits, original mosaics, ink drawings, VIP releases and limited edition prints are now available to view in the artist's catalogue.

    Let's hope the artist continues to invade our streets!

  • Blog

    Time To Refresh

    Hang-Up Summer Show

    Come Wednesday 6th July, Hang-Up Gallery will have transformed it's walls for our summer show. New works will be available from Joe Webb, Bonnie and Clyde, The Connor Brothers, Delphine Lebourgeois and many more! 

  • Pick of the Week

    Magda Archer's

    Sick Of This Shit

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes, an artwork can sum up a feeling in very few words. 

    Magda Archer's Sick Of This Shit takes this week's pick. 

    The artist has plenty more where this came from in her catalogue.

  • New Release

    Exclusive New Release from The Connor Brothers...


    Enough said...

    "With the Brexit vote imminent our whistleblower from the government's Department of International reporting has leaked a new document revealing the level of hostility between the opposing camps. This is the latest of a series of redacted documents which have been released to us by our man on the inside, and which show the secret communications hidden within government documents"

    Limited Availability


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    Hang-Up Summer Show


    The time has come to refresh Hang-Up Gallery. Over the next couple of months, we will be rotating new works from our fresh stable of featured artists as well as some highly sought after secondary market art. Check out who's going to feature and watch this space for brand new works!

  • Blog

    RUN - Time Traveller Artist Man


    This week we are catching up with street artist, RUN. Unveiling his new mural in Marrakech to a Kick Starter project to raise funds for a book of his artistic journeys - Read on to find out more!

  • Blog

    Banksy - The Bristol Legend


    This week a primary school in Bristol has returned from half term to find that Banksy has acknowledged the renaming of one of their houses in the best way the street artist knows how...
    Read on to find out more and see a selection of Hang-Up's available prints!

  • Blog

    Johnathan Reiner - Brand New Releases


    We have been spoilt! After releasing two new prints this month, we caught up with Johnathan Reiner to give us an insight into his new works and processes. Taking a step into his studio and a sneak peek at his new artistic direction. Read on to find out what's next for Johnathan Reiner...


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Banksy Bunker's Back

David de la Mano's


New Collection by

Joe Webb

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