• New Work

    Joe Webb's


    This weeks new release is an incredible new collage from contemporary artist Joe Webb. 

    With the imagery he uses from vintage magazines he transforms each original scene into something even more surreal. 

    View the freshly framed one of a kind in his catalogue now!

  • Upcoming Exhibition

    Joe Webb

    Sweet Armageddon

    Coming Soon....

  • Pick Of the Week


    Girl With Teddy

    This weeks staff pick is from Norway's most recognized graffiti artist, Dolk

    Often using pop-cultural references put into a humoristic or critical context, Dolk's work can be seen all over the world. 

    Sold in a bespoke gold ornate frame 'Girl With Teddy' is available to view in the artists catalogue now. 

  • Exhibition

    Magnus Gjoen


    20 Mar - 26 April

    We're sad to say goodbye to Magnus Gjoen's Monster Exhibition.

    If you didn't make it into the gallery to the view the works in the flesh don't worry, you can still view the incredible pieces in the catalogue now. 

    Watch this space for our next exciting show Hang-Up Collections - a rotating exhibition that promises to bring you something new, different and exciting each time you visit. 


Meet the Team

Kieran Collins

Tightrope by

Crail Moansburg

David De La Mano's

Errantes in Montevideo

  • Blog

    David De La Mano 'Errantes' Wall Revealed


    David De La Mano has been busy spreading his amazing fluid figures in his homeland, Uruguay. His latest mural can be found in the Barrio district of the capital, Montevideo. The wall depicts David's characteristic figures, which appear as monochrome shadows flowing from one side to another. By incorporating some of these figures with wolf heads, bird cages and tiny figures floating by in sailing boats, David has created a form of parade of the bizarre. This juxtaposition between his fantastical iconography and simple colour palette, create David's beautifully individual style. A selection of original drawings from the artist are now available and a brand new print release is on the horizon... so watch this space!

  • Blog

    Faile's Savage/Sacred Young Minds


    Faile are soon to be back captivating us in creative awe with their latest show, starting on the 10th July. The work of the artist duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller explores the complex and metaphysical issues of their contemporary surroundings, yet they do so with a light hearted aesthetic of colourful comic book characters. Their vibrant compositions are created in mixed media using fine, street and pop art styles, individualising the duo within the urban art scene. The show will feature a body of new and old work with multimedia installations including a life-size structure reminiscent of a temple ruin, large scale paintings and the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, a collaboration with artist BAST. With the duo's already voracious market their works are set to become even more collectable. Check out our selection of favourite works by the artists.

  • Blog

    Banksy Door sold for $175


    Cheapest Banksy sale in a decade... Remember Banksy's latest walls in Gaza? One of them has been sold just few days ago for $175. Read below for more details on this outrageous sale.

  • Blog

    RUN in Google's StreetArtProject


    Street art has always been intended to be temporary form of art, to be painted over when the next artist comes by. This constant rotation of imagery adds to the excitement of the medium, however it also means that many of these murals have the potential to be forgotten. Google have recently embarked on a prolific project that will essentially eternalise these images without stopping the street art tradition. Global experts have selected a numbers of works that celebrate this diverse medium to be digitalised online. Among these is a piece by gallery artist RUN in collaboration with Dulwich Outdoor Gallery. RUN drew inspiration from 18th century artist Poussin's 'The Translation of Saint Rita' to create a mystical, contemporary interpretation on the painting. RUN is featured alongside some of the biggest names in the street art scene such as Banksy, Invader, Ben Eine and Futura.


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