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José Parlá

Somewhere between abstraction and calligraphy, you’ll find the work of José Parlá, the internationally renowned artist whose large-scale murals adorn New York’s One Trade Center. Resembling ancient walls scrawled with words and paint, his multi-layered pieces feature meditative calligraphy, evoking his fascination with memories, history and the human need to make a mark. Parlá has been compared with the 1950s abstract artist Cy Twombly and his work can be found in collections including the British Museum and Hong Kong’s Burger Collection.

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Did you know?

Parlá launched his career at just ten years old, when he began scrawling graffiti on Miami walls under the pseudonym ‘Ease’.

Country of Birth


Auction Record

HK$ 1,764,000

Phillips Hong Kong, 'Writers' Bench: Grand Concourse & 149th Street, The Bronx', 2022

Notable Collections

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Bam Fisher, New York, USA

The Burger Collection, Hong Kong, JP

Concord Project, Toronto, CA

Notable Exhibitions

Entropies, Gana Art Center, Seoul, KOR, 2020

José Parlá: It's Yours, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, USA, 2020

José Parlá: Textures of Memory, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong, JP, 2019

Segmented Realities, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, USA, 2015

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