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Balance for Better | Hang-Up's First Online Exhibition in Celebration of International Women's Day
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Balance for Better | Hang-Up's First Online Exhibition in Celebration of International Women's Day

1 Mar 2019

In honour of International Woman's Day on March 8th, Hang-Up is putting on its first online exhibition via Artsy; 'Balance for Better', which celebrates the work of our fabulous female artists. From Tracey Emin to Bonnie & Clyde, Yayoi Kusama to Delphine Lebourgeois, we hope you enjoy this beautiful selection of works. Read on to learn more and to 'visit' our exhibition...

Balance for Better

We are delighted to be putting on our first digital exhibition in collaboration with Artsy. Artsy makes curating and sharing artworks easy allowing it to be shared and discussed across the world. 'Balance for Better' will proudly exhibit works exclusively by our talented and celebrated female artists. Digital exhibitions are a relatively new phenomenon that presents a great deal of potential, and we hope you enjoy this exhibition (from the comfort of your own home...)

Bird on a Wing After DB by Tracey Emin

Although women artists have, for the most part, been left out of Art History and have struggled to get the same representation and recognition institutionally as their male counterparts it seems they are finally beginning to get their due. In recent years there has been increased efforts by institutions around the world to address the gaps in their collections and the imbalanced exhibition opportunities in their programs. Women are finally being recognised for their important role in art movements and are simultaneously making new records in auctions. There is surely an increased (and long overdue) interest and demand in the work of female artists and although there is still a lot more work to be done, it is refreshing and encouraging to see these shifts in the art world.

Tracey Emin and Nancy Fouts

What our experts say...

Investing in the work of female artists at this point may be more than just a good way to broaden one's collection and balancing the art market, it could actually be a great decision from a financial point of view as well. Lets have a look at what the experts at Hang-Up have to say.

There are so many incredible female artists out there making fresh, cutting-edge artwork that have highly influential social and political messages. As a gallery it's important that we support, celebrate and invest in these talents, as we believe their voices make a significant impact on the current art market and will continue to do so.

-Carla Nizzola, Hang-Up Gallery Manager

From left to right: Lauren Baker, Bonnie and Clyde and Bridget Riley in 'Balance for Better'

The art world remains male dominated but we are starting to see a long overdue shift as collectors are turning to female artists to invest in and support. With female artists selling for approximately 50% less, is this then because collectors are finally waking up and realising that a lot of the work is grossly undervalued. Or perhaps it is a long overdue change in perception in realising the works by female artists deserve attention. Either way investing in female artists is smart. It is smart in terms of investment and also and more importantly it help to correct the market by supporting female artists.

-Ben Cotton, Hang-Up Gallery Director

A Look at the Art & Artists of 'Balance for Better'

Edline by Swoon

Artist, Swoon, at work in her studio

And A Word from artist Nina Saunders...

Endless Devotion by Nina Saunders

Nina Saunders on having her piece included in the 'Balance for Better' exhibition: "I am really delighted that Endless Devotion is part of Hang-Up's Celebration of International Women’s Day. Endless Devotion encapsulates all the different aspects of my own practice as a female artist."

Referring to Nina Saunders' work, in an article for Modern Painters, critic Lisa Jardine stated: “She is a shining example of the way feminist art has developed beyond its early self-conscious referencing of domesticity and matured into a more complicated fusion of personal and public aesthetics.” We could not agree more, thus including Saunders' artwork in this exhibition was vital.

Katherine Bernhardt in her Brooklyn studio

Nancy Fouts at the Chelsea School of Art, circa 1970

Once Upon A Time by Delphine Lebourgeois

Delphine Lebourgeois surrounded by her work, in her studio

Please Go Away 2 by Magda Archer

Magda Archrer in her studio

You can view the 'Balance for Better' exhibition here. Many thanks to Artsy for allowing us to put on this show.

Thank you for reading this week's blog. We hope you enjoy our first digital exhibition and we are looking forward to doing more in the future.

Happy International Women's Day!


Hang-Up Team

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