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New Banksy Work In London?
Editorial / Banksy

New Banksy Work In London?

9 Oct 2023 | 2 min read

Is this a new Banksy work spotted in London?

New graffiti mural has seemingly emerged overnight on the morning of October 8th, sparking intense online speculation amidst fans. The work was first spotted by passersby on Marylebone Road just by the Edgware Road flyover in London.

"Another world is possible"

The mural depicts a group of three people 'unplugging' an industrial machine which is spraying the phrase "another world is possible"... Perhaps an open-ended commentary on artificial intelligence?

Although Bansky has not yet confirmed he is behind the mural, the curious new graffiti dons all the trademark signifiers of an authentic Banksy mural. The classic black and white stencil work, the hand-sprayed lettering, no name tag, and of course, commentary on pressing themes and anxieties.

Watch this space for updates!

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