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Hang-Ten | Launch Party Snaps
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Hang-Ten | Launch Party Snaps

3 Jul 2018

We are reliving our Hang Ten launch party from the 21 June - Click through to see the night unfold. Check out how to get involved with our free events happening over the next 10 weeks! First ones this Saturday...

21 June saw Hang-Up's biggest party to date! We celebrated in style along with our nearest and dearests to mark Hang-Up Gallery's tenth birthday!

Big thanks to Darcy and Tyson (@Hoodsocietyuk) for the photos.

Hang-Up Crew | Fabiola, Alexia, Katie, Ben, Carla, Charlotte and Laura

Hang-Ten timelime | 2008-2018

Harland Miller, Banksy and Oddly Head originals

The Connor Brothers sold out collection, Kennardphillips protest posters and Hang-Ten timeline #hangupgallery

Banksy Bunker transformed!

Above - Tim and Emily from Darbyshire framing

Above - Artist Peter Kennard chats to Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers

Americas's Dream 1 by Kennardphillips | Original oil and ink on board

Above - Oddly Head AKA Tim Fishlock standing in front of his THE FUTURE LEAKS OUT original

Mark Powell's incredible Bic Biro drawing Rainbows Are Slides And Doors Are Open

Above - Director, Ben and Mor

Hang-up's brand manager Paul

Daisy and Alex Riley

Above - DJ Stace kept the tunes throughout the night

Carla and Ben post speech and an epic cake!

Ben with his partner Danielle and his family

Damian, director of Stealth Projects - A key component to the running of the whole evening!

Above - Collage artist Joe Webb in front of his exclusive originals for Hang-Ten

Brand new set of limited edition prints from Sir Peter Blake - Wrestlers

A still taken from our Hang-Ten video by Darcy | Artist Cat Phillips from artist duo Kennardphillips in front of their sound piece America's Greatest Hits

Above - Gallery artists Lauren Baker and Mark Powell

Above - The real heroes of the evening: Pauline, Amanda and Aida

Big thanks to Brooklyn Beer for supplying us with delicious lager throughout the evening.

Gallery Manager, Carla with The Connor Brothers, Mike Snelle and James Golding

Photo credit | Ben Awin from Hypebeast - Check out the whole article here!

Giles Smith from Secretsundaze kept the party going to the wee hours

A big farewell to Katie!

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Once again a HUGE thank you to everyone that made it such a special evening! Big thank you to @StealthProjects, @HoodSocietyuk and @Immrdarcy, @HolaGuacomole for supplying delicious tacos, @Bklynbreweryuk for the sponsoring the Beers and @Thelondonlightbox for the our epic photobooth!

Until next time...

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